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Say we are. We're not united. And it's not about the people and. These lies Kim that they're just going to hold US hostage. But the truth. Will free us and to me. The system is built. To separate us. Not just by raise. The system is built. To marginalize us. We talk about red states and blue states and foreign belton. Bell Democrats and And Republicans and Conservatives and tea parties rich people and. We're all. These boxes that someone wants to put us in an all these labels. America needs to world labels. GotTa gotTa have a label on it. And, so my fundamental question is this. Why. Does there have to be vox. Boxes have four wall. And at some point they solo with four walls limits my movement. So why? Do I have to operate from a box. The first thing intelligence tells me if I'm in a box, it impedes my ability to reach for my out or sissy human being. So if we allow people to keep us in boxes, how will one ever reached their outer limits? How will? Ever, be able to answer the question. Who Am I? I don't get a chance to explore my out of limits. How do I know who I am? And why I'm honored! And what is it that I'm capable of being so in many ways? In this country. Where living a lie. We've gotta get back to a point where we are who we say we are where either united or not, united. It's either about we. The people are not about weed the people. In Common Language of America. became. Not an English but money. Art Language. Should, not be the line with a money. And I just get. I say to myself that I. Do really believe this at eighty two years old. I'm finally got my. To do I want to give them when I wanted to do it and how I wanted to do it. I'm freed it. To try to. Discover my outer limits. I'm to be. Cool. God meant for me. I honestly and truly believe. that. The last couple years in my life. I, can honestly. Kind of CEO. What Martin Luther King. Said when he spoke at the steps of the. Lincoln Memorial. Free at last. Re as Thank God money I'm create lights. There's the first time. That in my existence on this planet that I could authentically believe. That I'm afraid human being that I can pursue. My outer limits. What changed why? What was the catalyst or the realization realization was? That the system is bill to. Create average people. You go to school. You get an average education. You get an average You live in an average neighborhood. You live an average amount of time. and. And the world. Is populated. Way Average, peak. and. I'm so glad that I live long enough. That I could feel. The necessity to be on calm. In some ways, maybe board. As one God the least of his children. But. I've been truly blessed beyond this planet. For eighteen years. and. I'll be able to die. Knowing. That I didn't die. In the societal box. That was a free enough. Try to reach for my my outer limits, and to explore that phrase a bit exploring your outer limits. I. It seems to imply to me both in awareness of the box that you've been put in or put yourself in, and then a willingness to try to transcend that. What does that Look Lake? Does it look like broad reading? Does it look like uncommon action for you? Personally what has? Your outer limits looked like it's all. Built around. A fundamental question that I have to ask myself time and time again. What is it? That I don't know. But I need to know. What is it that I don't know? But need to know. When I was a student at zone over and and was on basketball scholarship are are closer towards one time in. And they'd be left an indelible mark on my brain with this quote. First sign of intelligence is to admit that we don't know something. So I'm trying to find out. What it is that I, don't know. But I need to know. Sorted I can have relevance on remaining time I'm here. On the Globe and That's simple process. You've gotta take the fences down around you because as long as people can fences around you thinking. Keep you where they want and they want you to be average. And I don't WanNa be I WANNA be uncommon. Is Part of. A leading question, but I'm curious. Is Part of. Keeping those fences down, not applying to many labels to yourself. I just think I'm thinking back to the list that you gave earlier. Liberal progressive this that a versus B.. C. Versus de because I've never I don't think I've ever heard you use. Any of those labels applied to yourself. At least in our in our conversation that we've had. I don't know if that's just because of the nature of the conversations that we've had But are there other ways that you? Keep the fences down. Yeah because the first thing is to recognize, that is offense. people don't examine when when someone is quick to put a label on you and encourage you to live in this box. The first thing he's got a real start to do is start asking. You have a conversation with yourself and start asking. Questions. And so. To me, I'm aware of these fences and and I I. To allow US someone to build a fence around the. Because? Intentionally or unintentionally I'm about to come to a standstill because the more people that are in that box them the the less my mobility is..

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