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Hendrix. Barbiturates are highly addictive and addicts can feel restless and anxious withdrawal from Amitav can occur as soon as eight to twelve hours after the last dose and can cause restlessness anger and violent outbursts blanche and buck would stay with Bonnie while CLYDE and WD went out to rob stores at this point in the summer of nineteen thirty three, Bonnie was either addicted to Amtel are going through withdrawals from it. This made her angry and volatile. She would argue with blanche and buck often and eventually they didn't even wanna stay with her. Barbiturate addiction has physical and mental effects. The mental effects can include mood swings, agitation, irritability. And even strained relationships. There's no evidence as to whether Bonnie kept using arbiture. It's after her wounds began to heal, but people who are dependent on arbiture. It's can also go through withdrawals as they stop taking the drug which have the same symptoms according to blanche Bonnie would threaten to fight her and said she was sick of having blanche and buck with them. She wanted it to just be her and CLYDE again with WD. Bonnie apparently told blanche that when she was healed, she would fight her and prove that she was stronger than her, but Bonnie's wound never had a chance to heal fully before her death CLYDE would watch over Bonnie. But even he had a hard time dealing with her, he went to Dallas to get her mother but brought her sister Billie Jean instead. But even Billy didn't have much luck with calming Bonnie down. CLYDE tried to throw the drugs away, but Bonnie got vicious with him. Bonnie was only twenty two throughout nineteen. Thirty three and her leg would never fully heal. She was unable to stand without someone's help, but the gang kept moving on July eighteenth nineteen thirty three in Platte City, Missouri, Bonnie CLYDE blanche buck and WD were in bed when they heard banging on the door. Buck immediately sprung into act. Shen grabbing a gun and rushing toward the door. He shot through the windows and CLYDE joined him shooting the police officers who were outside CLYDE told everyone to go outside to make their escape on the way out. Buck got shot in the head, but didn't die. Immediately blanche helped him to the car, but her head was grazed by a bullet. She was also hit in the arm got glass in her eyes. And eventually fainted WD came out of the fight unscathed. Although Bonnie was getting better. By this time, she was still too weak to fight. She even had trouble trying to walk. She stuck it out in the car during the fight, the gang sped off to decks, field park in Dexter, Iowa to hide out for a while. Bonnie and CLYDE went into town to steal medical supplies for blanche and buck whose bullet wounded head wasn't getting any better. But no one in the gang had died and Bonnie and CLYDE. Were determined to see that no one would the car they use to flee to Iowa, had eighteen bullet holes in it from the Platte city shootout and it's hard to lie low with a bullet riddled car, killing two birds with one stone, CLYDE stole a doctor's car, which had a medical bag in it on July twenty third nineteen thirty three bunny CLYDE and the gang were ambushed. WD and CLYDE were both shot and the gang jumped into the car. CLYDE tried to drive away, but ended up stuck in a ditch. Bonnie said they should get out and run, but running was harder than it sounded Bonnie could barely walk with her leg injury. Let alone run. Bach was dying with a badly bleeding. Bullet wound in his head Blanche's is were still wounded from the Platte city shootout with WD and clydes new wounds. The entire gang was injured. Seeing no other option. They ran for it. They made it up a hill with CLYDE WD and Bonnie shooting behind them blanche and buck didn't think they could go any farther after a few more attempts at running away and trying to catch up with Bonnie CLYDE and WD buck and blanche were arrested, Bonnie CLYDE and WD escaped, but Bonnie and CLYDE wouldn't be free for long only ten months later, Bonnie and CLYDE would be lying dead inside another bullet riddled car betrayed by someone they thought was a friend. With Bonnie CLYDE and WD all injured. It was difficult to evaluate their options. Escaping on foot had been too much for Bonnie. She was barely conscious and begs WD to put her out of her misery. WD had a wounded chest and leg and CLYDE had a wounded arm and leg. They were distraught thinking about buck and blanche who they believed had to be dead in reality. They were both in the hospital. Buck died there from his wounds while blanche was treated and later transported to prison where she would stay for ten years, Bonnie CLYDE and WD plan to find a farmer with a car that could use. They

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