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News soman care. What's happening? Absolutely. Well, Reverend Jesse Jackson and other clergy will gather today in Chicago to support the Cook County state attorney Kim FOX because she's been criticized for dropping the seventeen felony you're sixteen felony charges against Jesse small, Ed. And in fact, she says that her case really wasn't that strong. This is what according to Steve Patterson. This is what she says she's defending her decision saying in an op Ed in Chicago Tribune, the decision not to prosecute smollet was the right one saying the case may not have been strong enough. Why they had the brothers? They had videos flimsy evidence on his part. Don't you remember when she the one of the prosecutors came out and had a blow by blow damn line? She stood there for ten minutes and gave this on the street. Steps. Yeah. So we just dropped it. And then they come on. They say, well, we do that all the time. Oh, that's comforting. Yeah. Well, that's the first thing. I thought of when she said that was well, that's why you're murder rate. So they keep the also the bond that doesn't happen. All the time either, you know, the forfeiture of the bond that doesn't happen. But can you imagine? What would happen if they gave him back stand grandma? Oh, my God even asked for you know, all the money back. The interesting thing carried as well. That's going on in her support the fraternal order of police and the police department they're staging protests against her at her office. Yeah. Fox's welcoming an independent investigation into this case. We'll see what happens very strange the strangest cases ever God coming up you. Appreciate it. For the morning show..

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