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Donald Trump, Dow Jones, Doug Jones discussed on The Mark Levin Show


And the answer is yes then we have to proceed step number two which is what do you do about it so here's what trump come listen i was hopeful that president trump was going to get involved in this race because i think that number one the only person who's in danger of losing this race right now is roy more ray ray more is running in a state where no republican senate candidate has one less than sixty percent of the vote since two thousand two is the reticence of red state roy more is is is currently running a twopoint race with dow jones at that behind doug jones before the allegations who was still too close even before the allegations this was an aids 10point race in alabama as a dead heat because the fact is jeff sessions with last time jeff sessions ran he won ninety nine percent of the vote so this is not a state hey roy more is not a good candidate and the fact that roy moore was running a close race and then this broke and now he's running an economic that means that this is the a roy more zone making at this point the best thing for the republican party would have been for more to step aside more is not going to step aside know people say that that's that's good evidence that he's not guilty by the remorse not stepping aside he standing in these fighting it's also evidence of what morris roy more i mean remorse been doing this entire career i think sometimes for good having some time for ill boy more is not a guy who's ever gonna step aside but trump had the capacity to maybe push roy more aside instead of people listen i'm gonna take my attorney general jeff sessions he's gonna write a right run a right in campaign we're going to maintain the seat we know that trump is net fonda sessions anyway we'll move and out of the ag saw ag slot moving back into the senate he'll save the seat for republicans had vowed in my preferred course of action here instead president trump is.

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