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It when i don't even know what how many there for you and you don't know what it was about now i know nothing about matt well it's about i am yep and a coffee shop don't forget that we after watching it like so catch you have hit server we can get together can dish we can dish about france here i like that idea love self gam she's a lot of fun so it it it was of this day and probably more people know that than know that it was this day in eighteen sixty two that to president lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation of just guessing on that one yeah went out there did a man unfortunately i hear right just thinking america's got talent i i didn't watch it all season a except well once or twice i saw and i saw a little girl who was great who i did not see she was awesome last night i didn't see the first little girl that i saw i saw the second little girl i swore this second little girl the singer was gonna win and i i was also thrilled four the 12yearold singing ventriloquist's darcy lynn farmer who became the the next big winner on america's got talent i mean that's not it's not easy as of intro acquisced to win anything no she's fear issue was real i only saw few minutes of at eva's she was very good you know what though i and i haven't watched that show all season but i just happen every time a flip through it was isaac kid in that was on the same like more children this time added four not that i you know i love kids and their great but maybe they you know maybe they should just call it america's scott kid talent or something elna syria god as a new show some adults there there either there is a touching story i wish i had the information from ed don't but this woman who had been severely burned who made it through all all of the competition to the last night and it was a testament to her incredible spirit and ability to overcome a tremendously horrific situation where some people would be afraid to go out in public can be seen and she was there on stage singing her heart out mound that beautiful singer in and i i wouldn't want to i'm never want to be a judge in.

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