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We'll have some tips in about twenty minutes. The regular season is over the bowl matchups are set. And now, we have weeping and gnashing of teeth over which teams have been left out of the college football playoff. Plus a call to expand the format from four to perhaps eight or even sixteen teams sports columnist. Greg more at the Zona Republic says too many people are having the wrong debate first off. However, he says the university of central Florida undefeated in two straight seasons has a gripe that merits consideration since it has not been invited to compete for a national championship. Greg. What we have look what we've got is a playoff system where teams from the largest conferences have an opportunity to compete for the national championship. We've had this playoff for five years now and in five years, we've never had a school outside of what they call the power five conferences with the exception of Notre Dame. But everybody recognizes Notre Dame as part of the ACC for a lot of different reasons. Plus Notre Dame's just Notre Dame table that for a second and consider a school such as UCF. Well, nobody beats them. This is the second year in a row they're kicking everybody's tail and they don't have an opportunity to compete for the national championship. And is that not unfair on its face. Okay. Then the other side of that argument is actually, but do we really think that a school like you? A school that doesn't compete at the highest level of college football competition could reasonably compete with Alabama could reasonably compete with Clemson could reasonably compete with the larger more traditional powerhouse school. If a school such as you Boise state before it Utah before it wants to make it to that top tier do they need to prove that they're a dominant program rather than just a flash in the pan. Great team. Now, those are the two sides of the argument, and I've got thoughts about what we ought to do with that. Okay..

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