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To a deacon and then pulls out a long gun aims and begins to shoot the attack lasting just six seconds slow things go down in six seconds I was in charge of church security pulls out his own gun fires a single shot and killed the gunman before he could harm anyone else price I missed the chaos erupted at least five other parishioners pulled out handguns and carefully approached the gunman toward the back of the church one man kicks away the suspect's gun and picks it up there was a third thing that he got to come into the congregation of our people in settling the we had heard the stories and parishioners now praising Wilson split second decision to intervene they'll feel like I'm a hero of doing what I needed to do to protect the people of the congregation Wilson who was a former law enforcement officer also train the churches volunteer security team he says it is not just about having the gun but no knowing how to use it my philosophy is if you're going to wear a firearm for personal protection of yourself and others you need to be proficient and if you produce it what I tell the students in my classes you have to be willing to use it if you produce it if it doesn't stop the threat otherwise there's no sense in wearing it the heroism by Wilson and fellow church course highlighting the passage of a recent law allowing licensed Texans to carry weapons into churches in other places of worship that new law passed in the aftermath of the deadly shooting in Texas history also at a church in twenty seventeen the massacre at First Baptist Church in Sutherland springs killed twenty six people a gunman opened fire during the Sunday morning service it wasn't until local residents Steve Wilford who was armed and outside the church opened fire that the gunman began to retreat as he exited the church a local resident grabs his rifle engage that suspect I'm no hero hi I am not I just wish I could have gotten there faster while an autopsy confirmed that will for did shoot the gunmen the attacker ultimately killed himself a two gunshot wounds were from the armed citizen one of those was in the leg and the other one was in the torso at the time Wilford was a concerned neighbor but he has since become a member of the First Baptist Church he fought.

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