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Fox News, some till NATO, an emergency order from the Federal Aviation Administration banning US up raters from flying in Iranian controlled airspace. Reuters reporting flights over the strait of horror movie and Gulf of Oman, are impacted all this coming after a run shut down an American drone house speaker Nancy Pelosi reacting how we can afford from here. Has to be strategic and smart as an in close alliance. With our, our allies, Republican Senator Rob Portman telling Fox News, come from not just the US from broad group of our allies. Some lawmakers say the US will produce a measured response Oregon's democratic governor sending police around up Republican lawmakers who fled the capital trying to block vote on a climate proposal. The absentee senators could be fined up to five hundred dollars a day. This is Fox News. Staying connected continues with one six one FM talk a Korean war veteran once thought dead has been returned to North Carolina. The funeral for private first class. William Jones is in rocky mount on Sunday in August. He'll be laid to his final rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Talk about a slippery slope. Twenty-one people have been indicted, in Raleigh in the theft of thousands of gallons of used cooking oil. The feds say they stored it at a dorm warehouse, and sold it bio-diesel companies can turn it into fuel the sale of beer and wine at campus, sporting events in the UNC system is closer to reality state, lawmakers have sent the Bill to the governor step for his signature, nice souvenir. Lexington man combing through sand at Myrtle Beach came across the shark's tooth. But this one was a fossilized to that once belonged to a mastodon. It went extinct ten thousand years ago. I'm rob statler? Source will push these the overnight hours of the.

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