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Each travel with stephanie abrams i having an experience of never had before i have on the line with me alan cooke ally have become great friends in the last two days in the midst of that that's because facebook introduced us and the and and introduced us as you have a mutual friend in malecki mcchord any friend of malecki is a friend of mine so we had a little conversation or two and in the midst of that conversation tell me quickly because i want plenty of time for you to reach a poem tell me about the emmy what did you win it for when did you win it in two thousand in the mid two thousand i lived in new york for six years and during the early two thousand a couple of years after nine eleven i went out and crazy with a friend of mine nobody knows logo this film about my journey hasn't has an immigrant we're going to new york and i'm the way we ended up catching a lot of very big people like from the court woody allen bike mars lease and soon surrounded and credit this kind of magical tome paul film the tone poem about the city kind of rebirth of and gave it the idea of hope opposites devastation that happened to so come two thousand nine then we were nominated extraordinary tiny film go onto the spear nominated for three emmys and i ended up winning the emmy for best writing for for you are giving me the gold after all the struggling them you you are an extraordinarily talented person.

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