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Joint so what's going on with this convention? Center deal they didn't get. Enough signatures how do you? Do that when the west is to fight the, homeless issue it's to help. Improve this and that I think the whole measure was there to intended to make kids complexions clear up a lot in this the. Convention center and I think most people agree that if we're going to, keep big big events that are important to the, local economy like, comic con you need to have a bigger. Convention center right question is how you do it how the tax. Thing works city council has the ability to just say we will. Make it so which of course. Gets blowback so, they, said well let's go through and do this with initiative and see if we can get the signatures while we find out late yesterday missed it by. That much Not enough surprising yeah shocking yeah but the mayor's. Office says we're committed to anything we knew anything could happen here. So today at four o'clock San. Diego city council, the, drama begins anew and city council member Scott Sherman is with us here right now just another day at the office I'm Scott everything just pretty much Yeah have you decided what you're gonna do. On this and no Alvarez has made it clear that, he he don't. Like this he's not going to vote for the for the council. Just decreeing it and getting what would have happened had there been enough signatures to get it on the ballot well presuming that past I've always been supportive of. The convention center measure I think if, we're ever going to be a tax, it gets raised it needs to be a tourist tax to help the tourism industry and I think. This accomplish that helps, keep Comecon, and some of these other, deals I just need to hear from the city attorney, and our legally moving forward if there's, a way that we're okay then I'm probably going to be supportive but I wanna make sure that what. We're doing is not gonna get challenged six ways from, Sunday so, if the council let's say gets a, majority vote today then it's what it. Puts, this. Issue. On the ballot but that, measure with with that move it doesn't just get the. Whole thing approved without the, vote of the people, who doesn't know of other the people that goes to the ballot for the voters decide November and at the end of. The day that's. Where this discussion They end up. Yeah so it's still going to go to the vote of the. People there so people shouldn't freak out if indeed the council decides today and there are enough votes to say oh well we'll put it on the ballot anyway. I am kind of surprised that there, weren't enough signatures gathered and less the, fact that the t. word in this case the occupancy tax oh tell tax which is which is. Not on the hotels, it's the, people who come and visit, here and anybody who travels knows say if you go, to New York or Washington DC whatever, that that t- OT counterattacks transit occupancy the add on is a lot steeper and other cities but that's. Also attractive to convention planners that not as expensive here, and and, all that so there's a lot of, different aspects in this It's Surprise you that that didn't with all the all the things to. Do good. Stuff we'll fix roads in the homeless or they're all kinds of things wrapped up in this. Proposal, yeah there's there's all kinds of reasons why that could. Happen and I don't even. Know I, mean they may have the. Signatures the problem is they're. Random sample count wasn't right fishing enough to go ahead and verify. It so it would take a long shot which gets passed around the. Time then You do miss it and then you do have cranky Comecon, and all of that not that they're holding us hostage necessarily but but any there's. A lot. Of big conventions that never get here because we don't have the space and you know the. Trend, over the years has been built at once and then. Go back and forth about. It and, people fight the expansion then. It costs more and gets. Done anyway that's been the trend is go for a long time. So there's a decade ago and why didn't we a decade ago Scott. Sherman Lawsuits and politics of course so pretty much like anything else in California so, that's all right now you're fifty fifty on this again if you get the city attorney to. Clarify although it has not been a great week where you're really thinking the city attorney's, being fantastic isn't it yeah. Exactly but at the same time that, is our attorney. And it's short notice and we don't have a whole bunch of time to get other. Opinion on this thing so it's gonna be interesting to see what the city attorney tells so on the the city. Attorney's decision involving your or, the attempt to change things on this. Whole. Issue soccer city versus the SDS US steel and vice. Versa that that didn't sit well with you just the fact that, that was I think didn't say well if we I mean. We were shoe on the tax payers to get robbed them, of their right to vote. Disenfranchising about a quarter million. People who signed that initiative. On both sides I was against it from the very, beginning the preliminary rulings slapdown. Down the city and city appealed it. And it went. To the. Airport and they, denied even. Hear the arguments that let the people vote. So I'm real happy where it ended up the big problem. Is now we're going to have to pay, the legal fees most likely room for the lawyers on the other side so this is gonna, cost us? A, whole. Bunch of taxpayer money for, something that we need we're pretty sure we were I was positive we were gonna ram we'll see what the city attorney doesn't that. Say we've got to run up to a break your Scott Sherman. Four o'clock today down council we'll see how that goes we'll talk more about it maybe give us a, a a follow up to finish no matter how it goes maybe we'll check in the mirror. Morning thank you much appreciate it AM seven sixty talk and breaking news never dull moment at city. Hall hey they're working in. The summer and. That's okay with me. I think what I have more family fun this. Summer get down day the belbow park area have you let, me ask you this have. You gone to Balboa park. At all like this season. Or this year so many San Diego kind of think, about it then I don't. Always say let me go to the. Beach would do. Something else People who come. Here to visit and San Diego and maybe spend the once in a lifetime. Vacation here they know you gotta see Balboa park of. Course you go to the zoo and. You do all the things that are. All San Diego but to visit the museums have various attractions like San Diego, aerospace museum that is one of the things people come from. All over the world that there's at the San Diego air and Space. Museum where you find.

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