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I said tiger almost pitched it. In it for he should four we're a long way from four Log way for four hundred and four is a. Really long hole too so yeah We can hear the tiger, roars all over the golf course at this point if we hear a few more the leaders are going to start to hear him. To open champion Francesco Molinari compared, the size, of the, crowds to a Ryder Cup crowd here Belle Reeve country club Gary woodland, Kevin Kisner and Brooks can. The last group John McGuinness will be watching. Ricky Fowler Dustin Johnson and Charles Schwartz all they are off in nine minutes time we're back in a moment from bell read this is PJ. Championship, radio With asthma is the breathe easies with another one of your favorite hits The kids Smoking Preventing asthma attacks can be as simple as making your home and car smoke-free zones for more breathe easy tips to help stop asthma, attacks go to noattacks dot org up. Next, well what are you? Know the breathe easies with another hit song vacuum up the floor Bore bore Simple steps can help your kids. Breathe easier vacuum. Up Florida keep your house free, of dust dander. And dust mites for, more breathe easy tips to help stop. Asthma attacks go to noattacks dot org brought to you by the EPA.

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