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Wow It just looks like island here One day it will be Thank you very much You're welcome Tour guide Amy Hampton on is herding a group off the beach only 375 people are allowed per hour and their hour is up For me as long as people can follow these rules it's going to be fine I've been talking to them like what we can do what we can not do what we should do what we should not do And lucky me my customer they are so nice They listen to me and they do what I ask for Marine biologist tan Tom rong Nawaz await at Bangkok's cassette Sartre university spearheaded the effort to save Maya bay Originally set to last just two years he worried it wouldn't be enough Then came COVID with pandemic travel restrictions that two years turned into four and Maya bay he says flourished So now we have evidence to draw other people if we give my furniture a chance She can come back So that four years mean a lot more than two years And as long as the government keeps limiting the number of visitors and keeps them out of the water he sees no reason why Maya bay can't continue to flourish And serve as a model for other nearby destinations For NPR news I'm Michael Sullivan in Maya bay Thailand This is NPR news This is doubly NYC Coming up on morning edition a second COVID-19 booster shot may soon be available for Americans 50 and older many doctors approve I think it's the right thing to do The evidence is very clear that immunity is waning after the first booster Critics say there isn't enough evidence that another shot is needed and would provide stronger protection That story later this out Then at 9 it's the BBC NewsHour on 93.9.

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