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Through the Magic of Zoom brought together researchers from around the world to talk about how cannabis can be used by covert patients. This is the centre's president, Dr Marion McNabb. There's a lot of interesting research flying around about universe and Hogan making from pre clinical perspective, um, also population after genealogical level studies looking at the impact of Copan, 18 on medical cannabis stations and consumers. There were four different panels scheduled with various researchers, and they presented some fairly technical material. But the bottom line is they're trying to present More tools using cannabis for the global fight against this global pandemic. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's news radio, to 33 traffic and weather together, Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threesome problems on 4 95 this afternoon, Mike Yeah, This is the upper stretch of 4 95 men, nor found 4 35 is locked up almost a mile through chance. Hurting pretty bad crash up after the local connector. At least one lane has gone up there. You want to try to avoid this if you can else one of the North Things aren't bad Roots 3 93 north or both off to a pretty good start The upper end of 1 28 running about 20 minutes from the pike up to 93. That's pretty good. Now we've got an afternoon rush kicking off here. The South bound expressways now crawling along from the tunnel. Down past Columbia Road, You clear the gas tank. You start to move better your back in it after Brian Dad as you hit into the splits at least 20 minutes now Boston to Braintree nor Fallon, quite the opposite. It's fine all the way in On the Cape delays Continuing your meth. This is Route six West that's backed up well over a mile with roadwork after room 1 34 Exit nine. You want to be in that left lane to get by there and then upon the Route three North and Plymouth, there's Elaine taking a past herring Pond Road exit, too. Oh, and delays coming into downtown from Rue one south. Lots of stop and go approaching the Tobin Bridge..

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