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Brazil over smoke inhalation there are reports that respiratory illnesses among children have more than doubled Purdue pharma the maker of oxycontin is in talks to settle thousands of lawsuits for billions of dollars under the proposed deal the Sackler family would also give up ownership Republican senator Johnny Isaacson of Georgia says he'll retire at the end of the year both of Georgia Senate seats will be on the ballot in twenty twenty I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news one thousand and ninety seven seven good morning once again nine thirty one it's up to seventy one in downtown Seattle under sunny skies as we continue with our top stories in a call twenty four seven news center the wife of a deceased man whose body was used for emergency intubation training has filed a lawsuit against the city of Bellingham in Bellingham Herald reports John again filed a federal lawsuit on August first against the city of Bellingham city fire department employees and a walk in county medical program director fire department employees performed two objects on the body of Bradley gin senior meta fighter station in July of last year all his body was waiting to be taken to a funeral home other family members filed three claims seeking damages of over fifteen and a half million dollars from the city two of the claims were settled for a hundred and fifty thousand Franklin see come on in flames lit up the sky early this morning and saw how much goals there ends on reports in a lumber mill caught fire near Harvey airfield east of state route nine launch their drones to look for hot spots were used to be this lumber mill in the past in a warehouse is down basically just a burned out shell no one was inside the building this old lumber mill was abandoned when the fire broke out this morning was intense flames kept firefighters on the outside but it quickly went to two alarms and could be seen for miles and miles for much of the morning downtown still home which was filled with smoke and we don't know yet how that fire started a kid S. county deputies recovering after he was shot with a hunting aero high near Ellensburg the mental health department called police saying a man was threatening other people on his property corporal James what he opened the door to the man's home was immediately hit with the arrow on his shoulder what he's doing well was quickly released from the hospital the man who shot him surrendered hate crime charges filed against an Oregon man accused of assaulting Ariens mayor and for the first time he's talking about those new charges but I'm not gonna let fear stop me from speaking out on nine have fear stop me from pushing my values Derian mayor Jimmy mata says he never expected to be physically attacked back in July twenty eighteen Wally was enjoying Beerman's block party the state attorney general's office has charged a sixty three year old Craig peers Sweeney of Oregon with malicious harassment and fourth degree assault mata says twenty shouted racist sentiments about his policies during the assault you know when you run for office can make everybody happy twenty is doing king county court.

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