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Thanks for listening everybody here in the third segment, we're GONNA talk about both wildcard racists we're going to dive into a little bit more detail I know for Monday's episode, we'd talk across all the standings discussed the division leaders where the Playoffs are at, but I wanted to dive in a bit more as we're under the three week mark here until the playoffs start into these wildcard races and the reason i. said that at the end of segment number two, there was because the American League wild-card and the American League playoff teams I. Still Think are very much set in stone and the reason I say that because even though the. Yankees have been in an absolute free fall and haven't been able to figure things out. Now for a couple of weeks here they did win tonight on Wednesday nights I'm recording this late here Wednesday. So they are twenty two and twenty one currently in the eight spot in the American League for the playoffs. However, the only team said they're basically fighting against for this position there's three of 'em. Really and none of them should are any good. I mean none of them were anywhere close to playoff conversation had the beginning of the year and that's the Baltimore Orioles at twenty and twenty to the Detroit Tigers and nineteen, twenty two and the Seattle Mariners and nineteen and twenty three, and basically we're looking at the Yankees compared to the Orioles Tigers and mariners in regards to a potential playoff spot. There shouldn't even be much of a conversation here and the numbers on ESPN as I'm looking here on the standings as the playoff prediction percentage is over on the right hand side, they have the Yankees still in an eighty nine point three percent chance to make the post season. So we know who the teams are going to be we we said that for two weeks now you got the raise. Jason, Yankees, coming out of the American League east the White Sox, in the twins out of the central and you're two teams out of the West or the athletics in the Astros now, there is going to be some jockeying for position even through the four through six slots, the Blue Jays continue to play good baseball but that Indians twins white sox race is going to be key down the stretch because. The team who wins the central could be the to the next one could be the four, and then the last one could be the six. So it doesn't look like they're going to line up to play against each other, but they could basically be taken on everybody else in the American league and we could see that central division really established themselves. So as much as New York continues to struggle here as much as everybody's talking about boone trying to figure things out void. Sad some struggles recently, they were winning the other day six. Two and lost the game they had lost one, two, three, four, five, six straight before their win against the Blue Jays tonight in eight out of nine, and they're still a ninety percent chance to make the postseason. So if you're a Yankees, Fan just exhale knowing that you gotta get through the next two to three weeks. You're still looking at a matchup based conversation when it comes to that first round best of three, you gotta get your pitching, right but Garrett Cole going twice in a five game series even if you do end up. The eighth seed ultimately play in those Tampa Bay rays is the one seed you gotta feel good about coal possibly went into two games and only having to steal one out of the other three with the rest of your rotation. So what I wanted to do much more in this segment is discussed the National League because there are a ton of teams in the conversation around the National League playoff spot, and specifically the wildcard. Some of these teams we discuss could be the second seed could be out of the play offs win their. Division still I mean the National League. West is really the only division that's out of reach right now, and that's what the A. Dodgers at thirty one in twelve everybody knows them being one of the top teams in baseball but let's kind of start from the top down I. Mean Let's touch on those. Philadelphia. Phillies right off the top based on their current playoff odds here of eighty nine point five percent They are fourth in the majors in runs per game only behind the dodgers padres in Braves Harper, Rio Mutel, hoskins continue to. Push the offense Zack Wheeler has obviously been an overachiever for them this year four, no, two, four, seven era, his strike outs are down, but his double play balls are up. So it really hasn't been status quo for the rest of his career certainly has been effective. The main weakness however for the phillies is that bullpen they still lead the majors or I guess our last in the majors however you WanNa look. At, it with a seven point, zero, two era even though they made a ton of trades at the deadline, they added Brandon Workman who's been salad is closer but a lot of the other guys they added haven't been successful. So it's going to be a tough stretch for them here in September with seven games in five days coming up against the marlins mentioned that briefly earlier in the episode, but that's going to. Go a long way to determining both the marlins and the phillies outcome in regards to whether or not they make the postseason but the phillies there odds are pretty good right now at twenty one and eighteen based on where the National League as and based on where the NFL East is to get into the playoffs next up in the highest odds here as potentially making it that could still fall out is the. Saint Louis Cardinals. They're currently at an eighty percent chance to make the playoffs at eighteen and seventeen there led by their rotation, which has the fifth best era in all of baseball. It's a Lo- it's allowing the lowest batting average as well as the third Lowest Whoa Book in Major League Baseball they've had Brad Miller overachieved for them offensively he's taken over the D. H. duties the philly hidden to eighty two with. Seventeen walks and twenty two strike outs. So He's been very effective offensively for them but their weakness overall is that offense outside Brad. Miller Paul Goldschmidt..

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