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For the right spot yes Mike one the quality of what day for us we are starting out draw here at W. G. and it's thirty nine degrees wind out of the southeast at four is just a hint of a wind chill other locations forty two would alter the kitten Chicago hillside forty two homeward Orland park all checking in forty two degrees it's chillier however in Wilmette Deerfield Harvard and good shot all those were the book station reporting thirty seven degrees under cloudy skies in widening things and show you where the showers on the way to central Missouri we do expect more rainfall potential as we progress on through the day there's a slight chance for a couple of showers I think a few hours from now we'll say around eight o'clock about four percent chance for rain that increases by midday today widespread rainfall through the afternoon and late this afternoon really into this evening at the potential of their finale showers with thunderstorms and the potential maybe even some strong to severe storms on the web to keep an eye on that here today showers likely could hear rumbling thunder temperatures making their way in the lower sixties I can be reached looks like a later on this evening I have a cold front and showers and storms and it did for severe weather arrive later on this evening kept dropping into the mid forties by early tomorrow morning continuing to drop into the upper thirties no by the way spring starts at ten fifty nine to forty nine tonight the chilly weekend mid thirties for highs on Saturday mid forties on Sunday in the fifties on Monday through Wednesday best chance for rain on Tuesday of next week that forecast morning Sir yeah good morning I did have a couple of new crashes to watch out for one of them a rollover crash at western in row so expect some added delays they're also dealing with a crash in Bensenville at Irving park your church road and York road quick update for.

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