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You Matt Frazier is the internationally renowned psychic medium I was talking about he has conducted thousands of readings around this planet Kerr reconnecting families and friends with the spirits of those who are no longer with us his message of hope comfort reassurance have touched the lives of all who meet him making map one of the most gifted in genuine psychics living today it's got a television program on each call the meet the Frazier's as well man welcome to the program thanks George it's great to be here with you looking forward to this and by the way great job this so how does a reality show come about you know it's crazy because one day I just got a call from MGM and they were like Hey we heard about you on the west coast and we want to learn more about you and your gift in your family and then just like that it's like camera crews arrived at the door next so you know we were filming season one of meet the phrases for entertainment well that's great that's exciting isn't it it's so exciting because you know when my grandmother was alive it's amazing to think that she could even talk about being psychic or being a medium are connecting with the departed and you know back in those days there was never any TV shows about it and you know the media never talked about it so it's amazing to see how much the world has changed thanks to you know programming like yours that really just allow people to talk about their beliefs to talk about the signs that they feel and the signs that they receive and more importantly it just opens up the world it's incredible how did this gift come about for you how did you get this ability you know I wonder that everyday because what's so weird is that I have the gift of psychic ability but my sister doesn't and you'll actually see that on our TV show when you tune in so it's kind of funny because my grandmother was a psychic medium who passed it on to my mom and then passed on to me but you can remember back in those days you know back in the fifties sixties seventies it really wasn't talked about I mean my grandmother kept so secret that not not even her own husband knew that she was a medium cheese you know she only did it for close friends close family members and other than that it was just hidden but when I was growing up George I too could see and hear the departed and for me it was like living that movie the sixth sense I mean I remember going to bed pull the covers over my head yelling and screaming and crying because I was seeing and hearing the departed and the more that I tried to get away from the voices the more they try to make the voices stopped the more that I try to you know stop seeing them hearing them the louder and stronger they became and growing up with this and having this ability you know you're afraid it's not something that you you know welcome with open arms especially when you're that young I mean I think I tried to save my password sleep with my parents so I was thirteen because I was so afraid of what I was you know seeing hearing and experiencing how terrifying that won't be for a young boy in then you got to go to school the next day and everything else you must have been exhausted I was I was there because we you know had difficulty concentrating in school I had you know what difficulties connecting with other kids because I would talk about my experiences you know with all the other children and neighborhood kids and they would go home and they would tell their parents would be like Hey you know that was saying that he sees growth in that you know he saw his departed grandmother in that he talks to this one and he talks about when and the parents of course that they know no that's just you know his imaginary friend or he's just making it up for you know all you know that they would they would tell them otherwise so it was very tough growing up you know this is it wasn't something that was easy whatsoever and because of that I pushed away for most of my life I never embraced it with open arms and never in my life you know what I want to be a psychic medium you know I knew that I wanted to do something with helping others it was just in my blood but I wasn't sure what that actually was so I talk about this in my new book and it's the reason why I wrote it it said in the beginning I really miss my call in a little bit I started my career as an EMT which is an emergency medical technician I worked for the World Trade Center in Boston I work for the security operations department I was still young I was just you know eighteen nineteen years old and at that moment was the time when I'm like you know what I'm gonna stop running from this if I had been running my whole life my can I'm gonna actually go see a medium for the first time myself I want to see what it is that I've been running from for so long so I decided to go see a medium because my family just kept it a secret and I wanted to see somebody who is actually using it in real life and I went to go see a medium George for the first time it completely changed my life it showed me that not only could I do this too but also I could use this gift to help others to heal by putting them back in touch with their loved ones this started to gel for you right about then did it did it did you know because I set myself okay you know what when I feel something I'm gonna say something and you know what's crazy is I want to see the media for the first time myself you know she could pick up on what I was experiencing as a child the minute that I walked in she knew that my grandmother had passed and that you know when I was a child I would see and experience her and the other souls were trying to reach me and she it's like you know she knew everything about my childhood which I never discussed you know openly so it was amazing that she could put that together and she said to me one thing why are you running from this like you should be embracing this you should be looking into that so she gave me this meditation to use the open it back up because like I said I had pushed away for years and years so she says go home try this meditation she says I was a white light meditation I have it in my book and and she says if you ask for it to come back and she do this meditation you know you open yourself up to seeing hearing and experiencing everything that you did as a child again so I went home and I tried it and next thing you know you know was it was like they had never left it was crazy because you know I started reading for close friends and family members you know never never professionally just because I I wanted to help people I want to explore this ability and learn about it and then next thing you know it turned into a career almost overnight for you I don't know it seems like it did overnight but really you know I think that having just started opening doors you know don't think I've been doing this for ten years now I'm only twenty years old you know it's been it's been ten years of doing this and it is it has moved pretty quickly but you know what wasn't it wasn't exactly overnight you know first what happened was I thought it would be for close friends and family members the next thing you know they're friends wanted to go and have meetings with me and then you know their parents would want readings and then you know I'd be doing house parties and then after host party they did you know small group readings and then I was asked to be on TV and radio shows and you know one day somehow some way traveling the country doing you know big live events in the next you know getting re a reality TV show about my family in my life so it's really been a huge blessing and you know I'm so thankful to be honest have you ever come across the demonic end of all of this map well of course I mean that is both a good side and bad side of psychic ability and you know that's one of things that I want to teach people as well just like you come face to face with an evil and negativity in this world among living people you know you also come across in the spirit world and that's why it's really important that you protect yourself so you know one of things I want to do in this book because I wanted to teach people everything that I know about heaven in the afterlife but also tools that I use for example I believe strongly in psychic protection you know that every day I'm using psychic protection on myself because I'm meeting and interacting with so many people both living in debt and the best part is that psychic protection actually work for a living people in dead people on the right I love the cover because you're all wrapped up in phones sold looks like Kevin really has been calling you that's what it feels like I literally feel like on the operator and happened because you know there are no customer service I was when you're connecting with those in spirit I mean they're always there there they know that they can reach you they know that they can talk to you at any time that you know they have a message they will pop in and deliver it but you know at the same time this is what I signed up for its what I'm I I love to do you know it really has been my my calling and I'm so happy that you know having shifted me back on this topic to doing what I was supposed to do and that's what I want to teach people about it it's not just me I'm not special you know we all have different gifts we all have different you know abilities that we can bring to the world that we all have a way that we could happen to our own psychic ability you know some of us the the departed like myself some of us here the departed some of us you know even sentence now the departed as crazy as that sounds you know you just have to be open to it in the same way that you're learning to connect with your loved ones they're also learning to connect with you so with the right techniques and with the right protection you to consult your own conversation with them it's manta since you've been doing this and you've been doing that like you said for a long time now what has been for you one of the most compelling stories that the you've come across you know to be honest with you there's so many compelling stories I mean I have had the honor to talk to so many people each one you know compelled me to different way I mean one of things that I've I've I I you know what one of the people I've talked to are some of the parents who lost children in the city cook tragedy and get you which was really amazing because they came to the let their parents know that they were okay and with this school teacher you know that had passed away as well and also worked you know some of the attacks that had that had died and admittedly put those parents at peace but at the same time you know during my live events it's really so much more than this show you know each event is really a demonstration that there is life after death and it's proof that our loved ones are with us in real time it's amazing to me the misconception that people still to this day you know that so many people that come to me that will hold my hand and say not please let me know that my son you know was with me he died of suicide you know what I just need to know the Hughes and have it you know it is people that still don't and in the one thing that I want to show people is that it doesn't matter how you loved ones have passed they are with you and they are okay on the other side you know there are certain things you have to go through when you when you.

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