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So keep it right here is a fascinating conversation. Wait so long time Don't go anywhere We have Maura the best of the Mo Kelly Show here on K. If I am 6 40 where we're live everywhere on the I heart radio app. Now let's go to the CAF. I newsroom for an update. I'm Claude. It's Giovanni in live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. This just in a spokeswoman for a casino. In Wisconsin says an undetermined amount of people have been shot. Bonito Casino in Green Bay has tweeted about an active shooter situation has asked people to avoid the area. No word on how many were shot or their conditions. The spokesperson says. People were being escorted out of the casino. No word yet from the sheriff's department, although they did end up tweeting some of the tweets that were coming from that casino farmers in California are not happy. They were left out of the governor Newsome's drought, state of emergency State Senator Andreas Gorgeous met with farmers and local lawmakers on a ranch near Clovis to talk about Their conditions. It makes absolutely no sense for us to be in the zenith of devastation before a declaration of emergency is issued. When we have been through this process before, and we know how catastrophic it can be. The feds cut off water supplies and the state reduced allocations to 5%, Fresno King's Madeira and to Larry issued their own declarations of emergency. But it's the governor's power that could ease water restrictions and allow farmers to save the growing season. The international space station has become a little less crowded for astronauts who've been onboard the space station since November have boarded a dragon crew capsule and undocked. Mission control at the astronauts know earlier today it was a gofer home. Your next bed is in Houston, this Basics Capsule scheduled to splash down in the Gulf of Mexico around midnight. Mission Control says the weather is just right. I could wins in the low single digits on wave heights even lower than that voters knew the scheduled splashdown site haven't told to stay out of the area. This is the first night time capsule splashed down since the Apollo eight mission in 1968, Amy King KFC news. Let's go ahead. Looks like we've got some good news coming out of the four or five in Inglewood..

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