Amber Monson, Jessica Rosenthal, President Trump discussed on Fox News Rundown


Say we're close to an agreement subject to the exchange of papers and hope to have an agreement in the agreement passed by the house won't be considered by the Senate Intel next week with Jordy leader Mitch McConnell canceled a planned recess fox's Jared Halpern now part of the trouble with the bell is over the scope of family leave Republicans and president trump we're concerned with the original wording that there would be no exemptions to the emergency paid leave for businesses and no sunsets Republicans will not play politics we're not going to criticize and sit back we're going to work to make this right house minority leader Kevin McCarthy a health official in Oregon is warning store shelves may not be able to be quickly restocked especially when it comes to sold out items like hand sanitizer during a press conference in which Oregon governor Kate brown announced a ban on large public gatherings health authority director Pat Allen was asked if the state is working with manufacturers to ramp up production of key sold out items the president and his hand sanitizer but all kinds of other things that we will need in the circumstance he says demand and manufacturing disruptions in China which is the epicenter of the virus outbreak has caused demand and supply chain issues these shortages will continue and may become significant despite the efforts of the federal government have private companies ramp up production since they're already relying on the state and national stockpile of supplies to equip healthcare workers faxes Jessica Rosenthal former vice president Joe Biden will be holding a virtual town hall following the order from health officials to not hold events where people will gather in close proximity to each other he amber Monson into Bernie Sanders are taking aim at president trump for his handling of the virus on the campaign trail Bernie Sanders says the president should have acted decisively in the president of the United States must understand that and declare that emergency his chief rival Joe Biden added that the voices that should be heard now should not be political once only health professional mostly the ones making our public health decisions both say the focus shouldn't be on travel bans just on preventing the spread and protecting Americans Biden and Sanders offered plans and potential policies.

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