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For you because we were so impressed with Don Hahn's new documentary Howard to Howard Ashman story, which is now playing on Disney plus that we want to tell you more about it and about its subject the brilliant lyricist Howard Ashman. And to do so we spoke to his life partner Bill Louk his sister Sarah Gillespie. His director on several films including the Little Mermaid John Muscular the voice of Belle and beauty and the beast page O'Hara and the incredible. Incomparable. Alan Menken. Getting to speak to each of them about Howard and this documentary. was really really special for us, and so this is going to be a longer episode. We'll introduce each person as their segment begins. But we really hope that you'll take the time to watch the film yourself It's really really something special and he was an incredible man and we hope that this this film Help sort of extend this man's legacy because he has had such an impact on. All of us. On Disney culture and popular culture general So here are.

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