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Thanks for joining us. We'll pull that Mike up to you is closest we can get new speak right into Freddie, Roach, legendary trainer. And and a really interesting American. I would say I don't I don't think everyone knows that Freddie, had a pretty luxuries pro career. I don't know. What the oh there? We are. Sorry. Forty and thirteen is pro fighter got out. He didn't. Did you leave boxing with anything in your pocket? No, I was I was broke. And I had job at a telemark. Geting Kevin telephone salesman. What was your biggest payday as a boxer seven thousand five hundred and what was your record at the time twenty seven to feigned Camacho Camacho? Yeah. He's making him a lover. People forget about Hector macho Camacho, but he was 'nother name he was one of the first one of the first, but one of the one of the big time characters boxing when he was one of these guys he. Sure to his trunks weren't really trunks. Vertical? Blinds had flaps. Eight you weird weird cloth lapse that just sort of hung down. It was like a little bit of tunic or something of somewhat homoerotic too young Adam Corolla, but I was able to focus on his technique. He had the hair slicked back, and he was sort of Rico Swazi that you lose that. Yeah. I lost decision to we've had up. I said -cremento and Rishi cone the in Bobby. I had him down twice in the fight. But then lost that one. Also, I called the. I wanted to more fights, and I retired Cohn was another name. Although I don't I don't think he had a nickname Bobby schoolboy schoolboy. So. You grew up where I'm interested in your story. I'm from deta, Massachusetts. And how did you find your way into boxing? My dad was a fighter my New England title in nineteen forty seven I believe and then. I felt his sessile if I won the same title nineteen seventy nine and then there's really no very pro game of in boxing, good. Good place for amateur boxing. I fifty amateur fights. So is quite activity activity going on in Boston amateur level. But as a pro I fought four fighters, and I wanted to New England Attal, and I decided to move out to Las Vegas, and then me my dad came out. And we we found any five minute trainer or legendary trainer we want it. And when he was my trainer for about ten years. And then I worked as that. He's assistant for five years. And that's when I was a telemarketer might telemarketing name was Joe Davis. Did you I you know, I'm fascinated by? You know, I think about it as think about myself, which I'm apt to do, you know, 'cause I am being well what you I was doing comedy for million years. But I I didn't know what to do when comedy comedy like sT sports. It's like what sport I do sports. But what is your sport, you know? And it's like I would do stand up. But I didn't feel it like I was like, I'm okay. I can't do it. Like, a good athlete could play different sports. But Jordan would be a great baseball player. But he could be a decent baseball player. But I didn't find my sport. And then at certain point, I met Jimmy Kimmel got into radio. And I was like now. Now, I've found my my sport in for you such a great trainer such legendary trade, you feel like in a way that even though you're boxing. You're sport was trainer is. I've found something that much better at this year was okay, fighter and..

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