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News this hour from townhall dot com. I'm Gordon Griffin. Virginia governor route Northerns insistence or insists that on further consideration. It is not him in the racist photo that appeared on his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. I'm ready to earn your forgiveness. It's too late for that. According to a growing number of Democrats across Virginia as well. As the president of the N, double ACP Garrick Johnson tells ABC's this week, it doesn't matter whether northern is in the photo or not whether he actively participated or passively will was president. He's not one time up into this point acknowledged that this place objected to that behavior. I think he's still learning but former congressman Jim Moran tells ABC northern does deserve another chance he has the highest motivation imaginable to ensure that his legacy is not defined by a picture of MS yearbook. I'm ben. Thomas and apparent suicide at Florida's busiest airport brought some security checkpoints to a standstill officer from the Transportation Security Administration jumped to his death from a balcony insider, Orlando international airport Saturday that brought checkpoints to a halt for hours and caused serious delays panicked. Passengers rushed past checkpoints leading about half the gates after the four year old man fell into the atrium were passengers waiting to get through security. Rhonda rockstar reporting. Authorities said that an enemy fighters suspected of killing an ex girlfriend and friend of hers escaped Sunday from a prisoner transport van Cedric marks escaped from the private prison transport van. During a stop at McDonald's in Conroe, which is about forty miles north of Houston. His shirt was later found. Again, it said that murder warrants were issued Sunday for marks and last month's killings of ex girlfriend Jenna, Scott and a friend of hers, Michael swearing-in who disappeared January forum were found buried in the shallow grave in clearview..

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