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Here is the Paul finebaum show. Our one pint cash get afternoon. Welcome back to welcome back to the show. Tony Barnhart city and her yesterday we were up in New York. We'll talk a little bit about that later on. But great to be here and great to be back in studio and a lot going on today and we're going to get right to some of the headlines Gators freshman db Chris deal top players in the country. He has taken his services to Oregon big launch for, or is it big loss, for Dan Mullen lot of the momentum seems to have subsided. We'll follow that story throughout the day. Big news and CWA, discussing possible compensation for using likeness of athletes. I wonder why they're doing that. Always makes me nervous when the NCW does something intelligent, and the Georgia. Board of regents makes it official dilly field in Sanford stadium, and we will talk to the honoree. Today. Glad to be here and men right here in the smack in the middle of may. Glad you're with us. We will get to your phone calls too. But before we do that. Let's tell you what we have going on in west Rucker. When is big orange country, going to start winning again? We have the answer. Vince Dooley on the honor. Can't wait talk to. That's in Andy Staples on a number of issues. Including what's wrong at Florida seemed like yesterday was all about what's right at Florida, your phone calls, of course at eight five five two four two seven two eight five, eight five five two four to seven to eight. We had a little fun today. The guys here put a tweet out under the show, heading asking the question talking about the NBA lab. I was in New York yesterday when they lost zayante and all throughout Manhattan. There was definitely a Paul. In addition to a cold steady rain, so with the NBA lottery, in the books and the hard luck Knicks missing out on the number one pick we figured, we would spin it. CFP C B, who's the college football version of the New York north Knicks in why already some interesting reaction, Jason gay from columnist. From Wall Street Journal said Michigan, just Stewart Mandel has respond to always good. When big time writers respond Mandel has responded in two words..

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