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Can you have it at the one yard line yemen closed the nfl promotes that exact play where a guy stretching his arm out for the pylon that's in every highlight clip new so they need to keep that play you want guys we champa pilin don't you guess so why kill it by this rule this destroying plays without heard the raiders last night the raiders hurt the raiders last night that teams a mess but they had a chance to win but dallas needed to survive and they did wasn't a great game but dallas winning that game ellie at his back now seattle comes to town seattle's wounded and probably mailing in the rest of the season here after getting torched by the rams dallas has still has the chance still alive here but you're looking at some of these other teams like the ravens are still in the mix here and i said they would look back on that lost to the steelers and i do think they are gonna look back on that they had an eleven point lead against pittsburgh the buffalo bills are eaten six pretty incredible and this is a team that was trying to figure out who their quarterback was that for some reason nathan peterman had to get in the lineup instead attira two i love tie rod taylor maybe is not your prototypical franchise quarterback but i'll tell you what games on the line he can make plays he plays hard place hurt and you could do a whole lot worse than a tie rod taylor all right we'll get to your phone calls coming up jerry richardson put the panthers up for sale sports illustrated did a great job in on earth thing this story about jerry richardson the owner and what went on behind the scenes maybe some settlements for sexual harassment in the workplace he's eighty one years of age you're probably going to sell this for one and a half two billion dollars now can you still punish the panthers even though jerry richardson is going to sell this team can you still punish the team itself because he's gonna need just moves on with the rest of his life.

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