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Those are two teams in the mid suburban you can't overlook dean off the top of your head what seated seemed vital yet they were do you know if nothing had they were somewhere like they're they're in that section i think there were five or six or somewhere that area and then they could do something there too yeah possibly possibly they um i mean they had some chances to really take it the carmel last night the didn't so the bench just one game i can't judge a team by one game but we'll see okay no team to watch by the way the quest three eight nord chicago section all the paul college prep got the one nor chicago to caramels got the to re so lakes got six at i'll tell you something the weight lakes just playing basketball right now if they can be consistent the may turn some heads of christ there is a possibility kinda might be another team that could sneak into the sexual that we send them now we've seen of at times like good basketball and they ended up with a uh what eleven seat but both that he's sectionals what really gets to me i'm looking on this is that the regional sites three of the four in both our for teams that are in their teens i have to me you should have a higher seed coats but they don't they picked the regional sites ahead oh yeah because they bid for never at high school bit right so you have no idea where the teams are gonna no but i but i get your point but addo that's the only thing i you know i kind of have a problem i i'm not sure homecourt really means a whole lot in high school basketball anyway except in some rare occasions yeah it russi gives that phone number again food ooo that the goal cannot get over we got more things to go through your it will now we're getting good yeah i know get you i get you off your other things to talk about state stopped girls gymnastics caramel sitting at six place after preliminaries on friday uh state meet is at palatine high school glenn barred west leading.

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