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And far between as high temperatures are set to stay in the 60s for many areas Sunday to wrap up the weekend and the comma four weather center meteorologist Kristen Clarke. Right now it is a 78° linwood checking in with 71 Bellevue 76, so Olympia 74 in Everett right now at 69° Tacoma 75 in Bremerton 74° and in downtown Seattle it's 73°. 6 36 here at northwest used radio, our big story from around the nation today actually took place on the other side of the world, controversy continues to swirl around president Joe Biden, who spoke to reporters in Saudi Arabia, hours after greeting that country's crown prince with a fist bump. Respect to the murder of Khashoggi, I raise it at the top of the meeting, making it clear what I thought of it at the time. And what I think of it now and this exactly I was straightforward and direct in discussing it. Maybe sees Karen Travers and Erin kurtzke were listening in. The president was asked repeatedly about the fist bump seen round the world, Karen. And he didn't walk away from that. He actually kind of brushed off a question about that. And also didn't step away from calling Saudi Arabia a pariah or saying that he would make Saudi Arabia a pariah back when he was a candidate saying he doesn't regret saying that and what happened to Jamal Khashoggi that horrific murder back in 2018. He said was outrageous, but he doesn't regret that pledge as a candidate, even as he has these series of meetings with The Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and other Saudi officials on this two day visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Now Aaron, the big question going into this visit was would the president raise the murder of Jamal Khashoggi when he had that face to face meeting with The Crown prince known as MBS and the president yesterday in Israel was not explicit about how he would or would not raise the issue. And today you just heard him now say that he brought it up right at the top of his meeting. He said he made it clear what he thought of it at the time and what he thinks of it now. He says he was straightforward and direct. He made his views crystal clear, and he said, that's important for an American president to not be silent on human rights issues. He says that is inconsistent with who the United States is, and who he is as a president. You heard him say there, I will always stand up for our values. There was a very strong tweet from the wife of Jamal or fiance of Jamal Khashoggi, kind of channeling what she thought Khashoggi would have tweeted, criticizing the president for that fist bump with The Crown prince when he first arrived at the palace in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The president asked to respond to that said, I'm sorry she feels that way, but again insisted he was straightforward with The Crown prince. ABC's Karen Travers its 6 38 a bill to make it easier to find baby formula has passed the U.S. House. The formula act would eliminate tariffs on imported baby formula, so long as it meets FDA standards. This in response to U.S. shortage caused by the shutdown of the country's main manufacturing plant. The bill was sponsored by Oregon congressman Earl blumenauer and co sponsored by Washington's Susan del bene. Parents are driving hours to multiple different stores just to find any formula. The measure passed 421 to two with the only no votes coming from Republicans Louis gohmert of Texas and Rick Allen of Georgia. The Senate is expected to take up the bill relatively soon. Jeff pojo and northwest news radio. For what it's worth, I'm Brian Clark, disheartening news for younger adults who like to drink, moderately, a large global study finding even that carries health risks. I found that moderate alcohol consumption, which in this study was defined as approximately two drinks per day, which is relatively the maximum that we recommend from the CDC, was associated to an increased risk of harm for those under the age of 40 compared to older age groups. But ABC medical contributor doctor Darien Sutton offers this caveat when looking at younger age groups. There's an association to alcohol consumption and high risk behaviors, which may also change these results. Another study finds increased levels of iron in the brain associated with people who had four drinks a week. Prior studies have shown that increased iron accumulation is associated to early cognitive decline, as well as early onset dementia, but it's important to know when looking at a study like this, it's showing an association doctor Sutton noting this is only a link, not necessarily a cause and effect. For what it's worth, Brian Clark, ABC News. Time now to get over to the Beacon plumbing sports test can check in with Bill Schwartz Bill, the ems trying to mess with Texas for their 12th straight win. The 11 games in a row the second longest win streak in Seattle franchise history, Brian, and they're looking good to make it a dozen tonight. Lefty starter Robbie ray has fans 7 Texas batters through four shutout innings in the fourth. Seattle put up a three spot. Thanks in part to their all star rookie center Fielder Julio Rodriguez. And a left field this ducks in for a base hit Fraser is into score, Upton's coming home. Out at the play. On route sports Aaron goldsmith

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