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For in the upper deck with women. It's really if it's unfortunate because that kind of the h-have yer has just been excused as that's just what happens at games. No, you know, you just have one too many and everyone's yelling and I understand it's an environment. There's a lot of energy and there's a lot of animosity. There's fans of one team fans the other people start talking trash, and that's fine. But there's never an excuse to put your hands on somewhat. And this to me is the reason why it says serious having verbal exchange with someone is one thing. And then when then there's another line like the line passed. That is if you start getting racial, or you start getting physical with when I watched that video, I can see the owner Yellen something. What's amazing to me? The touching is obviously the worst part of it. The idea I own an NBA franchise, and I'm going to tell a player to blank himself, if what it's the ultimate, how you went, Dr ultimate display of privilege. It is the idea that you have. Have you are in titled to behave? However, is because of what it is that you have. I mean that's all there is to it. And, and my main issue with it is that, if it goes the other way and coury doesn't feel the way that he does. Penny decides that he doesn't appreciate a grown man, putting his hands on him in that moment, everyone's gonna be crushing cow allowing and telling saying that he doesn't have control and he acted inappropriately, he's going to get panned for the rest of the finals, and it's just it could have gone so badly. And it's just remarkable to me that it's that it's an owner behaving like that. I mean, it's everybody Gillis so Kyra reportedly has a low probability returning to the Celtics. But even if he was the lead. Boston team is expected to back out of their pursuit of Anthony Davis. According to Chris, Mannix. It turns out the pelicans are covering Jason Tatum, the most in a potential trade for a D too. Yeah. That's I mean, that's the main piece. So it'd be Tatum, Marcus smart likely, and the number fourteen pick. I don't think we're Anthony Davis given up. Jason Tatum for Anthony Davis because there's no guarantee I wouldn't do it. I would I I'm telling you. I think if you bring back Boston's team next year. I think they went fifty five games and end up in the Eastern Conference finals, not. Sure, they'll win it, but I'm not giving up. Jason tatum. The whole draft is trying to find Jason Tatum. A twenty year old Jason Tatum either. I, I don't. I think that you have the core that you need, and develop anything, is obviously, it'd be huge piece. But there's no guarantee that he stays there. And that's really not Boston's way. I mean, that's what Toronto did they took a huge risk and still don't know if it's paying off today. But what within the finals is the first that might not open their franchise to me. It's a success, you, I think you build towards success. So obviously, Anthony Davis is a huge move. But I think that's too much to give up for someone. Who you don't have a guarantee, is gonna say finally the eagles have signed Carson Wentz to a four year contract extension that will keep him in Philly through twenty twenty four and Wentz responded to his one hundred twenty eight million dollar contract yesterday. What's up eagles nation? Can't even explain to you. How excited I am right now to be part of this great city for this. Many more years means the world to me, I wanna thank Jeffrey. Uri Howie Roseman coach Peterson the entire organization all of my teammates for supporting me. It's gonna be a fun ride by no means is the work done. We're just getting started this year is going to be special. And I look forward to seeing you guys on Sundays at the link this fall. Thanks again. God, blessed and go eagles my favorite to get to the Super Bowl out of the NFC Philadelphia. Really? Yep. Yep. I think we could see Tom Brady, Carson Wentz Super Bowl recording this, you know, that's now on tape is this on tape? Yeah. Well, actually live. You are listening..

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