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I want to go back to that operation choke point, point you brought up because it's really important. We had a great article from Nick Carter. I was just published last week and I'm sure you read it, it was on pirate wires, which is like a for those listening as a substack from a venture capitalist, definitely go check it out. And it made some interesting points. Drew some conclusions from headlines, from press releases, and it really does look like the U.S. government is taking FTX debacle and museums turnaround move against the industry. What's your take on worst case scenario? What's your case on good scenarios on what's your case on what likely outcome is here? Really just asking for more questions about operation choke point from your purview. Yeah, sure. So if you look at the timeline in that article and I had kind of already been sort of assembling a timeline like that, it's been a startling maybe. Is the word I would use that you have sort of similar talking points coming out of you had a statement on January 3rd from all three banking regulators, the fed, the OCC, and the FDIC all saying that crypto assets are inconsistent with safe and sound banking practices. That is a, that's a pretty clear signal. From these regulators, those are buzz words that like any financial institution is going to hear that and say, ah, okay, so they don't want me in this industry. That is, I saw it referred to by Jake stravinsky from the blockchain association, as regulation by blog post. It's not even regulation by endorsement. It's regulated by blog posts. It's just them sending signals to their regulated entities, which means that the regulator is saying, okay, so when we come and do our examination of your business and we determine whether you are appropriately de risked when we give you a score, well, you know, we're going to look at whether your service in this industry,

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