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Number one trump is right on Saudi Arabia. the resolution is going to be looking at Iran and particularly the aftermath of the Iran nuclear deal being first agreed to and then called off the Iran nuclear deal officially called the G. C. P. away the joint comprehensive plan of action was meant to slow down Iran's development of nuclear weapons it was negotiated and agreed to by the Obama administration it was called off by the trump administration now Iran is beginning to cross some of the boundaries that that deal set in place the upshot of all this that's what we're gonna be going after with this next resolution the world is safer without the J. C. P. away without the Iran deal our first speaker on this resolution will be role mark character on the resolution the world is safer without the J. C. P. O. a are you yes or no yes okay what we do now I think as a general rule it's not a good idea for American foreign policy to be built on self deception it should not be built on black male that's essentially what the Iranians were doing they're saying if you do not do if they don't publically do certain things with the nuclear program clandestinely they can do whatever they want because the system of verification that deal so awful that will give you billions of dollars in return I also think appeasement isn't a terribly good us start for American foreign policy and that's essentially what we're doing we're giving them billions and billions of dollars they can use it anywhere they wish in one way one of the ways they use that is by expanding their influence in the Middle East by engaging in mass slaughter in Syria and I think we should always do well on that the Iran and roll they've essentially run much of the Syrian armed forces they have been the masters on the ground I think it's just a very on wise policy to deceive yourselves and thinking that down the road it's going to get better we should approach this realistically now we do not know what Donald Trump is going to do no one does including him. thank you roll mark Terrick. the resolution the world a safer without the J. CPO apron article how do you declare I would say it is absolutely safer and that is because Iran took advantage of this deal to build up its ballistic missile capability to and use the money that was given to it by the United States to spend not on its own population but on proxy fighters and militiamen who fought in in Syria and the civil war they build better drones better guidance systems for their missiles and their drones which we're we're now seeing being deployed in Yemen the Iranians basically took advantage of this deal and said you know well will halt this nuclear stuff which they can always restart and enter in return we gave them a pass on all the other stuff that they were doing which made the region much more dangerous the United States believes certain elites in the United States in here this view in a minute valve felt that you we could move within the different circles of power in Iran we could kind of push the moderates again steak and it gets the more extremist and that the deal would help the moderates this is all hogwash Iran is a theocracy is run by one man and that man is no moderate thanks for the article. Michael Duran on the resolution the world is safer without the G. C. P. away are you yes or no yes I'm I with my colleagues here it was a massive self deception one of the things that we know now from the atomic archive which the Israelis spirited out of Tehran is that we didn't understand how far along Iran was in terms of building a nuclear weapons program and we also didn't realize that they were continuing a clandestine program what they did back in two thousand three when the United States went into Iraq they were afraid that that George W. bush might attack them and their some of their program had been discovered was being investigated by the international atomic energy association and so what they did is they started to emphasize the parts of the program they could be plausibly explained as part of a civil nuclear program while putting deeper underground the hidden parts and when I say underground I mean actually underground like the Ford missile the the four though site which was built solely to enrich uranium to build and a nuclear weapon and under the J. C. P. away they have kept for duo so what we've done is given an international cover for them to continue their covert program thank you on the resolution once again the world a safer without the CPO a barber Slaven due to clear yes or no the world is definitely not safe for you notice that these gentlemen are all referring to missiles and other issues the deal was supposed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for at least fifteen years by preventing Iran from having sufficient material to make a nuclear weapon it provided for the most intrusive inspection system ever negotiated any wrong was in full compliance with this agreement when president trump withdrew since he did that. the Middle East has become a much more dangerous place than it was before the Iranians were patient for a year they did nothing they took no steps but after a year and after the trump administration imposed a total embargo on the sale of Iranian oil. all of a sudden there were sabotage incidents in the Persian Gulf and the Iranians have begun to exceed some of the limits set in the J. C. P. away we were safer with the deal we could have built on it now we have nothing. about the service. bread maker on the resolution the world a safer without the G. C. P. O. a are you yes or no I'm also a no I just like look at the facts on June twenty first just a couple months ago president trump tweeted that he was cocked and loaded the bomb three strikes strikes Enron within ten minutes before the strike he said he stopped it because he learned at the last minute he might kill a hundred fifty your audience to just think about that we are on the verge of a new military conflict no thought to the consequences no planning for the consequences Iran would reacted how would we react reacted and not the esco Tory ladder it would have gone and how did we get to that point trump pulled out of this deal without any consideration of what would happen what would come next I will stipulate around is a terrible terrible country under the leader of I I I I a tool of comedy Ron is killed colleagues of mine Iran is an enemy of the United States of America but is a world safer without the deal the answer's no since trump left the deal with no plan a runny behavior in the region has gotten worse even according to the sector state Mike from pale it is dramatically strengthens its ties with Russia and China are too great power competitors and if we get into an ill conceived war with Iran we will lose the century to China thank you very much..

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