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In exhibited the virginia museum of fine art explores the history of china's first emperor it features ten lifesize terra cotta figures part of an underground army of nearly eight thousand claes soldiers and other figures created two thousand years ago in ancient china museums in new york philadelphia seattle and elsewhere have displayed various assortment of the terek hottest soldiers but the exhibit in richmond also has forty objects never seen before in the us including ancient jade ornaments precious jewellery and ceramics terek had of army legacy of the first emperor of china is only being shown in richmond and the cincinnati art museum it moves on to ohio after its run in virginia ends on march eleven president trump's criticizing the us postal service the ap's ben thomas reports the comments came in a tweet on friday president trump says the us postal service is losing many billions of dollars a year and he asks why it's charging amazon and others so little to deliver packages the post office has lost money for eleven straight years mostly because of pension and healthcare costs at the same time online shopping has led to growth in its package delivery business but that hasn't offset declines in first class mail the president suggests the post office should be charging much more ben thomas washington apple is apologizing for secretly slowing down older iphones book says it didn't do it to boost sales of its new fogs the company says the move was necessary to avoid unexpected shutdowns related to battery fatigue as a result apple that it will cut the price of a battery replacement by fifty dollars to twenty nine dollars through next year new batteries had previously caused seventy nine bucks for those who didn't purchase the apple care maintenance plan but because the company was still shady with the behind the scenes slow down many customers thought his away for apple to jews demands for newer iphone models in a statement on its website apple said we have never and would never do anything to intentionally short in the life of any apple product or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades that apology might not be enough a class action suits been by well by consumers in texas illinois california a new york you in the wake of the slowdown revelation.

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