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Of Kyle Hendricks. And he said, it's helpful because they pitch in the same division. So he gets to see him face. A lot of the same hitters the to swing and a foul off to the left and out of play. Cerberus team that was second in the majors in defensive runs saved a season ago and playing good defense again this year. There is stock is on the right side. The pitch that went down. In this fielding percentage of the league for the brewers here. Pretty efficient. Seven hundred. Number which is fourth in the National League. You just think I mean? Twin kaneohe their yelich on the infield are is really good really Perez when he plays. Outside of that. Much more to talk about the three to runner takes off. That's back to screen. So here's your talking to brewers people. Here's why they do. So well defensively it's not just that they shift so aggressively. But. In the end you look at their league defenders, you mentioned Cain arsia and with their shifting and their data. They.

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