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We've launched explore which we wouldn't have been able to do without having the funds to do. So so, yeah, hopefully, people can see that we are turning friends of the puck cost money into more coverage of types of cycling, hashtag content at Donyell your fresh from Bora Hans grow higher. The Hans grow a gang where where where are they are? They in the middle of training camp. How did you find them? Yes. Rich. So yesterday, I was in Panama in my orca as we said of the episode today. There are few training comes happening. You're in the moment, it's not as popular at destination as it used to be with leading teams Degnan cow pie ever on the Spanish mainland, south of Valencia sort of stoneless thunder a little bit. But they're all three teams three. Well, teams here at the moment. Contusion bor- and lotto pseudo red lotto and yesterday, bore a hundred grower gathered the international press, it was mainly German precisely four press conference, and we didn't know what this was going to be about. But they unveiled to contract extensions and one with the gymnast champion, PASCAL Ackermann and a second one with a memoir book, man. Yeah. This signals kind of re reaffirms the direction the borough hunts girl. Or trying to go in to become more and more of a German team a team that self identifies as German have pizza as well. But book Mun and come on very much well front and center of their plans for the next couple of years book money's gonna talk it the general classification and sort of France next year, he was twelve welter. Remember the end of two thousand eighteen and Ackerman, and he really burst onto onto the scene with a lot of sprint wins in two thousand eighteen he looks increasingly as he's there their main pure sprinter in the next couple of years, and he's going to ride the Jiro next year, which is a slightly. It's a slightly contentious decision as far as some people will be concerned because or of course, have another sprint. Sam Bennett who won three stages at the Jiro in two thousand eighteen but he is now. Looks. He's not going to do the JIRA in two thousand nineteen. Well, indeed Daniel, I mean, not Kerman was quite a breakthrough year for twenty four years old signed up to the end of twenty twenty one which is a long time. And as you say pure sprints or he's he's one of big races reading the grand tour yet, and he's clearly being groomed by Bora handscroll is I don't know the successor to Erik Zabel or or somebody are Marcel Kissel, or, you know, Andre gripe. The great tradition of sprint season. In Germany, the German team will certainly will help him as well. So shall we hear your conversation with some Bennett, who's always very, very honest. And well, certainly, this is a very interesting interview. Well, well, rich, we we started off the interview with somebody started off touching on last year or two thousand eighteen and and what he's learned from that. And particularly some changes he's made to his approach to training. And yeah, I think you hit some quite interesting tidbits about that. But then the incident pivots slightly about halfway through and it takes on a completely different tone, and you'll see your hair, why suppose I kind of figured out that I shouldn't train like enormous printer because I have a bigger engine taught. So I have to do the big hours I need to train and I need. Some hard training for the best for me about five or six weeks zoom, plus thirty.

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