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About Chad Zerby like the way I believe they would youse guys is, you know, he's from a different generation of managerial mindset, Right? Like he was a guy who was like, Hey, if we have a hot and we have a guy who fits in this role, and I have a guy who can get me from the fifth to the eighth wonder of the Jim Brower come out there and throw three innings five times a week. Like on occasion, it felt like that would happen. And I think It was the year where you had a pitched upwards of 80 games or something. And Tyler Rogers right now, I think it's on a pace where you're gonna be close to 100, so I know that you can keep using it. But I actually do believe that if you were to move him into the closer role, you would throw him less frequently or Maurin frequently than you're using them right now, because he's the best arm. He's the Swiss Army knife, but the Giants have and so Gabe Kapler has to rely on him because he doesn't really have Many other right handers he can trust. He's not going toe Tonto. Matt Wisler. Sam Selman from the left side is not proving he can get out. So we talked about you know, identifying with the biggest problem is with right handed pitching out of the bullpen for the Giants and Tyler Rogers is the most consistent the most reliable the swinging this guy. Get your ground out. He can get you a strikeout. You can come in with guys on base. You can come in with a clean inning. He could do just about everything that's asked of him. So I don't blame Dave Chappelle for wanting to keep going to him. But you're right. It doesn't have that sort of belief. A allude Enbrau a vibe and we were talking the other name or from back and I about about Chad Bradford Susan's cluster of the Chronicle on how many times the A's used to use him, But I think there was a season where they used him like 68 times, which I guess is a little bit high, but not abnormal for reliever. But then he goes over to the Baltimore one here in the Orioles you some 78 times in a season, which is more Jim Brower like so Don't know for sniff 100 appearances with Tyler Rogers, but I think those appearances go down. If he's in the closer spot. I want to throw it off the Giants fans extra innings, the postgame show I interviewed National League umpire Ed Montague. We talk about balls and strikes. Replay talk about injuries. We talk about Joe West. So please tune into extra innings tonight after the game, but I want to stay with the umpires. And Mark Rip Inger yesterday just got to heat to their own at him by the Pirates manager gets tossed Strike zone was open. It was really tight. He was inconsistent, and I think that's what the players and managers want more of a consistency behind the plate. Hopes you saw the game. What did you think of that? Yeah, I mean, If you're noticing the Empire's felt like that, in any game, or any leads, or any sports, you never seeing the empires of the officials. It's not a great thing. Baseball is, I feel like they were noticing it, maybe more now than ever because of instant replay in because of the The They've changed the number of things you can argue, right? Like if you come out to argue balls and strikes that you're gonna get tossed pretty instantly. That's what we saw last night like you start chewing out an umpire for something he's like now, man. You can't argue that this is something that we're supposed to debate. The same thing can happen on an instant replay for Guy comes up to argue after instant replay review Your generally toss pretty quickly. They don't give you a long rope on that, because The thought is that we got right because we went to replace. So I think there's something lost in the game without having those those. You know we don't We don't need Lupin l out here throwing first space there or anything like that. But I think there's something fun about another fire. Sort of getting into it with a manager or Ah, head coach. Bill did you ever to out and umpire Did you ever get into it with with Ed Montague? Did he let you have it on the mountain? And it was really good. It was Bruce from Ng. He was the one that I used to always argue balls and strikes with it. And Terry Tate. It cost me a couple of times. He find me pretty much. They didn't toss me Find me for drilling and events like I had seen, like Andy Van Slyke and I I drill them four times. So at the end sooner later, they thought I was this head hunting for him. But he had a big mouth on him. So I just drilled him in the leg and the back and moved on. But no. You know umpires really communicated just on balls and strikes. Lee Wire was awesome. He was one of the best. And you could go right down the line. Oh of with a few of them, but no, you Noah's long as they communicate with you and you don't show him up and you don't have that catcher's head turning and they have communication. You get to know a little bit about him and you get to know their strike zone. So It's difficult now because of the box and I think that box needs to be removed because the strike zone isn't the same box at every hitter. You sort of cracked actually agree with you that fucking it's off line two. It's a different to different angle and lying to the plate that we're seeing from the center field camera depending on the stadium. You remember you just cracked me up there, Bill. You said Yeah. And Andy van place four times He had a big mouth and for some reason, they thought I was doing it on purpose. You caught me their CO c. You are awake this lorry doing a great job of defending yourself there, boy. He might have been right to run you. You know, those were much. Oh, that reminds me comes. Who's the guy who had it out for Omar Vizquel, who hit him every single time He saw him. Was it was it Jose Lima. There was some guy who we always would, you know? Oh, 607 there. I want a boy. He was on the Indians of a maid. For there You go. Good knowledge there, wrap it So they make up on. I believe I believe what happened was this is this is pretty cold. I think what happened with something basic off the World Series for the Indians in 1994 90 95 96. Somewhere in there might have been 97 might have been the Marlins here anyway. Oh, market Still afterwards, I think you wrote a book or he'd done an interview or something. And he said that when he looked into his into his eyes on the pitcher's mound, he knew that he didn't have it. So who's the maid forgot all upset with Omar has said every time I faced that I'm going to drill him, and if he charges the mound, I'm going to kill him, and I was a boy. That's pretty intense stuff, man. But you want to send you look into a man's eyes on the pitcher's mound, and you knew he didn't have it after he lost the World Series. I thought that was that was a little telling. I thought of what was going on in that clubhouse. That's great stuff comes arrives with the game. We play on our podcast Walk one, hit one and pitched the one That's always It's always my favorite. We should bring Omar Vizquel into that conversation. But thanks so much for joining us this morning and go back to bed. All right. Guys like breakfast in bed. That's what you need to do. Breakfast event. Great stuff. We love having him Adam Copeland. You can hear him every weekday morning on the leadoff spot. Five.

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