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And our executive producer any plans went to an event at Toyota headquarters in Plano Texas and the market we live in in Dallas fort worth and shot video and got you a lot of information on the new twenty twenty Lexus are X. three fifty that's Lexus most popular vehicle and boy I tell you what this thing looks great and love new options for twenty twenty so keep that in mind let's talk to Scott in Houston Scott thanks for calling your survive in the flood. yeah it's been a rough down here now has been called. one of my dealers and winning and man did they get it. yeah they got like forty inches around. typical car producer what they do they they. opened up and serves a hot meal and supplies and stuff for everybody in their area which I thought was just spectacular so shout out to them it when the Dodge Chrysler jeep ram Scott we're going to do for you. I bought a certified Honda three years and nine months ago and I have a reoccurring problem with the Bendix won't kick out almost order and the deal it into the dealer three times and it was fixed one time under the certified Honda. what I found out yesterday was it's been wrecked moderately that's on the call back but I've been looking at it over the years and it's been it's been here real hard on the on the right front. I'm just wondering is there any recourse on this. this guy died did you look at the car facts when your body. no I did it because they told me can't be right because it was Honda certified. that's not entirely true it can be wrecked if it they should not have had any structural damage yes actual damage okay you could see where they made weld underneath and their shoddy well over the phone to the on to this down to the boring life so here's here's your problem is. proving that the dealer knew that if it wasn't reported on the car fax at that point you know you would think that they would have picked it up during the certified inspection I'm the miles are on it now. eighty seven it had forty three one of all if you talk to them after this new revelation. he thought the dealer hard get hard to hard to deal with I did go talk to a general manager and he first thing out of his mouth was you want to buy a new car. thanks I can do that anyway. yeah you've probably got a case was going to be a legal case and then the question becomes is worth it is it worth it the attorney fees for what you can actually get out of it some people are more on the lines of it's the principle of the thing and are willing to invest that money if it were me I'd probably just walk away from it chalk it up and and and get something else if it is it will start now. yeah it it just what it does never now in the end the Bendix won't forget to push the button for because it's got a follow up you to press the button like four times to get start sometimes gets stranded somewhere that can be that's the problem. lacking a flood for instance yeah you know I. I think I would probably chalk it up and tried to car and get something else probably not from that dealership obviously by. it is not the same as it was then and that was the same one paying two percent interest on that car it will be higher than that. it was a new one I mean what what is your credit score do you know. six hundred. okay six twenty is kind of the break point between you know. be able to get a good interest rate or not but there are other factors to job time residents time debt to income ratios a big one with lenders I would probably tell you to try to get a new one because if if you qualify zero point nine is what Honda's running right now you know Johnny grandes my dealer and they have just done a great job for us the backdrop is that right. that was a dealer my call was bought. I mean there's only twenty five Honda dealer standards. okay let me tell you what I want you to call mac. directly here is number is cell phone number seven one three. seven one seven one three one yeah he grabbed that cell phone number years ago and tell me talk to me on the air and asked him if he will look into this for you he will he's a great guy he really truly he is he is here. out he's been president of Johnny go for thirty some years and and and a fun guy to talk to on top of all that let's give him a call and see what he can do for you. he may he may talk to you about about not right off the bat but about trade now this car for a brand new one and make it up to you that way and because I know mackenna high thinks he's going to he's not going to want you to be unhappy that's just him so that is cellphone give a call let's see where we can go from here and I'm sorry that happened that is very unlike that dealership. and let's talk to Erin Erin welcome. two quick questions one for you one for Kevin but Kevin once for my for my wife but we're looking for either a twenty nineteen GMC terrain Denali or be twenty nineteen Chevy traverse and just wanted to get your feedback on that. what you can do with this thing is is is is just a daily driver for one of you. yep my wife and she works maybe seven miles from home. well the traverse is awesome but that the knowledge is going to be more fun to drive. it's going to probably give you a little better ride a little nicer interior how long do you think you can keep this thing. well she having twenty twelve and unfortunately she was wearing it which that vehicle held up like a tank but the insurance company said it was a total loss yeah yeah so is she looking at long term is this budget matter at all. not really no. you're not I just think the reason I ask about how long you keep it because of thinking about resale value it's going to be better on the Denali now ten years from now it's not gonna make any difference. the rebates are better on the Chevrolet you know I can make a case for either one I I personally go with the Denali just because I like the way they ride handle better. more car lack then S. U. V. like if you will but honestly you can go wrong with either I think that the traverse probably save you thousand maybe even fifteen hundred dollars because of the increased price of the GMC and also the the extra rebates to Chevrolet has now what was your question for Kevin for you run out of time. my wife the show where he talked.

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