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I have gone out there this is your any this year ending inning so it's different every year now buck showalter told me that he asked players he asked relievers in you got a lot input from relievers along the way who were some pictures that you talked to the maybe gave you some insight into how relievers thank and how they feel well i had one of those trevor hoffman and so i learned a lot from trevor enough just mind said on on these uh a relievers in and of course uh you know i rely on my my pitching coaches law dave righetti ah who's here now wanted the bus in uh the more gardner they they helped me a lot but as far as the players sure i i will talk to them in there and get a feel and also get a feel not not just some a y'all on where they're out but the the they're feel other relievers all now how we how aware they think are the best suited just a you know get their thoughts and in the has he have to have a trust between the two of you obviously because they they don't want that being held against him with the i have that kind of trust which rubber what kind of general rules did you learn about things like how many times you get up a guy before he at becomes burned out for that day may be the next day um you probably do less doublebarrel action than any manager i've seen in baseball what are some of the rules that you've learned well give you try to keep him was fresh pas why you could because you're going to get the you know the best performance out of these guys said something hand the warm three days in a row some guys uh they struggle going back to back baeza but you know in the major leagues is not like my colleagues where you know you.

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