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Lebron won a sign and trade because if he does a sign and trade he's going to deplete the roster that he's going to be further away from a championship would he leave money on the table and go to the lakers or the rockets or whoever it might be that's that's what i don't know that's what i don't know that but i know for the last four you know the last four years ever since he came back and cleveland his his thing was he was not going to take a pacer you know he he was member he wasn't there with for a long time he was never the highest paid player on on his own team and so when he came back to cleveland that was his whole thing look i'm going to get my true value financially and so i i don't know the answer that but i as a right now i would say that i don't think he's taking a pay cut anywhere and i think there's there are teams out there who who will pursue him that will get creative and trying to make sure they opened up this cat space to obtain them good to talk to you chris have fun tonight save travels after that and we appreciate your time as always dp anytime christine's espn nba reporter also used to be the golden state warriors beat reporter and then went to the mothership i believe that's correct but just trying to understand how this all going to play out in you know the the curiosity part of this is probably later in the fourth quarter tonight if golden state is winning lebron james body language the crowd how they react do they take him out if they're down by ten with thirty seconds to go which that post game press conference sound like feel like look like those are the things i'm curious about i we'll come back dan shaughnessy of the boston globe had some pointed questions about the julian eshelman suspension what that means for his trainer tom brady's trainer what's it mean for bill belichick and the patriots so we'll talk to dan shaughnessy the boston globe he'll join us next here on the dan patrick show if you're one of the millions of americans who suffers from muscle cramps in your legs and feet relief is finally inside.

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