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King of shoe is okay yeah dude creepy says happening she's being talked to all over the place yeah she's got the flu so she's delirious and i think that's just helping its yachts at connector will yeah i think it's it's bring her closer to death which i think is important because she already has that kind of connection so she like seize grace and grace like is talking to her and grace is like decaying every single time she sees like at first she looks like a glorious angel and then like every time that grace returns to doctors it's like oh her faisant look route anymore more like it looked like you mean nancy i'm sorry yes okay i was like i'm sorry no nancy yeah every time in seek talks her and then like towards the end it's like her skin like just looked like it was on a gala tin um but i loved the lake serial killer aspect to this book like yeah there is a lot of cool stuff going on yeah it was really cool so she's like receiving these messages from some one beyond the grave that's telling her like this is where you can find this body and the thing that i loved about this but to was that this was a character that was believable flawed like in the moments where she's like i don't want to help like when she kind of just becomes like what's the pointless you basically becomes depressed about it what's very like why me yet wide ah because it's being forced on her in their traumatic visions yeah and there is like she she has like regular dream still too so then it's it's like what if i tell them the wrong thing and it's like she's reasonably concerned about that which yeah i feel like an another book that wouldn't have even come into question yes what if i turn them onto the wrong person cady went on getting a wonderful life yeah and then she's like then then she.

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