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Eric it here williams and alonzo mourning who clearly told him he won coming from the jump all of a sudden that said that franchise backs so many years i don't know how much further you cassette that the sacramento kings who've been fixtures in the lottery for the last decade well man we can go have any reason to talk about them except how they got fleeced in his trade move the floor it's almost like you have a say like what do they see him buddy healed look what made them love buddy fielder so much anything back the last time they played the pelicans to member buddy yielded i do he went for the nother reason the boogie of because is pretty heart it's a big you know what this invited you back what's up rob sit there watch the games and we need that on our team that's what we need on our team that's what we need there when you do to be that guy and a look good about the body heal this he's not devin booker you know he's not like a twenty year old that shows the potential to blossom into a superstar he's twenty three years old he's a great shooter and he looks like he's going to be a consistent shooter and a fixture on rosters for the you know the next decade to me what i've seen doesn't seem to have that superstar perennial all star ceiling that some other younger players do and the thing when the new england patriots or the miami heat san antonio spurts the golden state warriors trade for draft picks you like you know what they don't get some good players with the sacramento kings trade for draft picks it makes me look back and what a pick recently how about some they got away did you know that host fonda weiss i was drafted by the exact same year as the marcus cousins yeah this so he was a big decided that in need that they're so they just they just dropped but both it did not know jimmer fredette which is has seventy three in the japan lee and his team lost was drafted ahead of isaiah thomas who was also on the kings you also know they got a just got a return tyree evans has been hurt a few times.

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