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The. I was terrified awestruck endearing but terrified. I was all about sixteen years of age awaiting might turn to audition before the great, the aeneid must scene of the world famous Bali Reuss on the stage of the Los Angeles philharmonic auditorium, where they were performing that huge hus- was Mt. It was like looking into the face of some giant with his mouth wide open to devour me. Leeann need mass, same dancer, choreographer and director of the company was sitting with his back to the audience on the apron of the stage with another gentleman seated to his left. Stage was licked all of the work lights were on. So he could clearly view the additioning dancers. I did not bring point shoes. I was to dance in ballet slippers, a Nietzsche's dance by Edvard Grieg, which might teachers Charlotte attainment had taught me now among the dishes. I was especially very much alone. Neither teacher friend, nor anyone in my large family, was there with me. I was alone. Not only that, but as I looked about me, everyone was white how in the name of heaven, did I get in here? The audition was about to begin must seen indicated to the person in charge of the auditioners that he was ready to see the first Tuncer. It was an almost reverent silence. I looked up sightly behind me and they're on the spiral staircase when she must have led to the upper dressing rooms stood. Members of the ballet russe some were dressed in street. Clothes to watch the auditioners dancers, watching dancers. I remember from the past vaudeville experience can sometimes be cruel. Very ready to precise. The lease fall. Several other dancers perform, then I was called. I remember a hush in the theater a silence, you would have cut with a knife. When I stepped forward with my little hand phonograph, and bearing the Greek recording. In my other hand, I stood before him. I remember his large beautiful dark eyes and a gentle sadness about his face just like I had seen him in his photographs, and I explained I did not have an accompany as he said, that was all right. And he indicated to the stage hand to attach my phonograph to an electrical outlet on stage. Charlotte tamen had choreographed this dance for me it begin with the hands of Neutra bound in chains in front of her below her waist. She finally breaks the chains imaginary, of course, and with their hands free. She abandons herself to the wonderful freedom of the dance. I forgot everything, but the dance I danced with all my heart and I remember the burst of plausible when I finished, I was, so happy, I was stunned. I looked up and there was ballerinas on the spiral staircase applauding and smiling down at me. I was over well, I smiled happily up at the scene. Beckoned me as I came back to earth, and I came forward to the front of the stage where he sat and knelt down sitting back on my feet in front of him. And. He smiled down on me. He said in his Russian accent. You're a very fine dancer. I said, I don't think I'm very strong yet for point. So I put form for you in ballet shoes. No, no. He said, you are strong. You will make a fine character dancer, I put you I knew what he meant because character dancing Lewis's fourteen valet. You start thought very seriously than looking into my upturn waiting is he stated in both the kindly and realistic matter? In order to train, you and take you into the company I would have to put you on stage with the Bali core. I and performances. And you would have to. Or I would have to paint you, white. He paused. You wouldn't want that. Would you. I looked directly at him and said, no. We both understood, I rose thanked him. Sincerely and left. I went to the dressing rooms and put on my street. Clothes after I collecting my phonograph recording. I only remember very numb feeling in my heart and head. I was in a state of sleep walking. When I finally got into the open air, again, I walked past the hill past the Moore theatre cross the street and sat down on the entrance. Steps leading to the Los Angeles public library. And I cried and cried and cried I could not stop crying. It was all I could do. When the tears were all gone. I cried myself dry, I caught a street car and went home. I remember none of my family's reaction to this affair, but on downs, she was the one who put me up to this in the first place. I remember how she came to our house. One day and said Janet, I see the belly Reuss in town performing, and they're holding auditions to take dancers in their company. Why don't you go on dishing? Auntie. I'm not good enough for that. I couldn't possibly do that. How will you know if you don't try I knew she was telling me that truth. So I did it. Well, how did the audition go? I told her everything in detail. Now that is marvelous. And this is only the beginning, he must not strive to be as good as they are you have the talent to be better. Now. You get right back to the bar on Monday and keep right on working on your dancing. You see the best recognized your gift. She was right. And Monday, I went back to the bar and I went back. Several days later, I had to go downtown, I happen to be passing in front of the philharmonic, auditorium, and do my surprise. I saw Leonid Massine approaching in the opposite direction. He recognised me smiled and tipped his hat. I smiled we turn in his courtesy with the bow of my head, as we passed each other, and went our separate ways. These are my most cherished memories of the need must seem. He will always have a very special place in my heart..

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