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Hi, everybody and welcome to the RHA AP DB BNB brothers will on my name is Mike bloom back to talk and catch up on the past few weeks of the glorious season. It has been big, brother, twenty so far. We've got a lot of shenanigans to ensue over the course of this podcast. I let me bring in deco owner of the beam beam, personal rider died Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm great. We are back from to. Wish. Finally, I was trying to what to do for my intro, and I was just so much has happened in this month. I mean it's just insane from like grandpa Lou to Rockstars, daughter's birthday to being clueless to six hundred billion people being on the planet. It's just insane. This season has given us so much so far and I can't wait to get into everything with you guys. Yeah, we certainly would be a dumbass if we did not come back sooner to talk about this fantastic sees it and of course to bring on this fantastic guest as well. We were so happy to have him come back to the life, eat updates last week. You might know him from the so you think you can podcast competition back a couple of years ago. He appeared on the drag race podcast with us a little while back. He is a prolific, big brother, tweeter. Amman add, win, welcome to the NBA officially. Hello excited. I'm a love to be in be. I thought a great bunch of reviews on yelp. So I decided to come in. Stay bed is fluffy pillows are great. The food is fantastic. So I'm just really hoping to have a great time. Hey, today I'm excited just so you know you, you might not wanna put your head on those pillows for too long. Considering that our previous guests, I don't know exactly what the consistency or makeup of those pillars might be. Oh, great point, duly noted, I will be sure to proceed with caution, but don't worry, we won't make you eat slop while you're here own really looking forward to the most nothing but the best of ravens cooking for you? Yes, a nice pink chicken. What am I famous delicacies Steph raven. You know how I love my chicken alive. Well, Amman, let's start with a bit of a BNB BBB background for you because you're known as a huge, big brother fan, but I would love to hear from you. When did you start getting into this show? And who are some of your favorite players slash seasons that have held the test of time over the years? Oh, big brothers. So I'm I've actually feel more of a recent fan than most. I started watching. I guess it sounds longer when I say half a decade ago, I said into doesn't thirteen with the infamous big brother fifteen. And as frustrating as that was it was awesome my first time. So it was like, I didn't really know what to expect, and I was still really addicted to the game plan the strategy and the drama owed on loved it since then. And then ever since fifteen. I went back all the way to season ten and I've watched all seasons from season ten on how watched all of the seasons in full. But I don't know the a lot of power players are, I know who won the seasons. I know the gist of. What happened during those seasons. And as far as my favorite players, I've got to say like a big fan of Britney Haynes. I'm a big fan, Dan gazing a big fan of Dave on Rogers. I'm a big fan of Josh Martinez most recently, a wide array of different kinds of strategies and players that I like to see him that house. Yeah, absolutely. And listen, even though you say you didn't wash some of the older seizes that's still has more big brother than I'd say about three quarters of this current cast that also claims that they're super fans, so we can still hold that above them is really surprising. Just how much people claim to have that helm that title of the superfan. And then when you get started talking about some of the older things that have happened in who came up with the back door and what was it originally called? No one who's the internet's. So I haven't even seen this season. I can still name who it was, what it was called before, like it's so it's really weird..

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