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Eleven thirty WYSIWYG late afternoon show the last latest Bizarro idiotic stupid thing to come out of the nominee falls. I don't know why it happen so frequently in Menomonee falls in fact if you would have told me that's the story I'd I would have guessed like eight hundred local schools before you just think about how many falls into the light bulb will go on well that's kinda stupid it's kind of weird and totally contrary to the kind of values that are existing in the community. so maybe it is Menomonee falls. it's always wanted to make sure that. well as. back in the civil side so anyway I sent the following email to the coach. Dan what's is the lots are we discussing your decision to. are prohibited number of your players of competing in the recent game against and I even wrote what what does the west that build that into my head it's Walker southwest as I have never heard of anything like this before I have a few questions I would like to answer before discussing this on my radio program did any of the players you benched asked to play anyway. given the high school football players have a short season and most will never play again at a higher level is it fair to take away a game from them. if you felt it was not in your team's best interest to play why did you not simply forfeit the game. I am aware that in professional sports teams that have clinched titles often rest starters is high school football now at that level were opportunity to participate is secondary to some longer term goal if so is this not an indication high school sports have gone off the rails. why did you tell the other coach what possible business is this of his were you more concerned about how this would look to hit for him then the rest of your community. if your team was having a less successful season would you have done the same day. if a student has an important exam on Friday would you encourage him to skip school on Thursday to prepare. are you personally aware of any other coach in the history of Wisconsin I school sports was done anything like this and then finally I was recently told that I alluded to this story I was recently told of a state high school team that was down to sixteen healthy players because of injury and had to have many kids play both ways they were show lacked. who should be more proud of that that team or your group that sat on the bench. I also asked the superintendent of the nominee falls if he approves of this ad. I suspect that the school board in Menomonee falls given the fact that they're a bunch of lefties probably think it's all just fight it if they didn't play any games of Albany falls they think that that would be all fine too I waiting for the defense so we wanted to give all of the subs a chance to get out there on the field here's the thing about this I was actually thinking during the break is a step kind of thing ever happened here's what it happens it happens when you play a team that's no good. when you play a team they're going to slaughter anyway often maybe your starters wrote for see reason to with them to get out let others come into play because you could beat the other team even with the poor players in this instance. they figured that they weren't going to beat. Waukesha west anyway it was not a conference game so they decided not to pry. again if you look at this in the long term tactical perspective of say a college football team maybe you do what but even that I suspect can stay it'll play at starters next week against the badgers even though that actor when. and their games of the bit of American conference are more important. but to me the thing that gets back to the that I keep coming back to is you have a limited opportunity to play high school football if you're a high school especially if you're a high school senior I do not think it is right at any level especially Moraleda take that game away from a healthy kid it was ready to play. and I think that a coach would do it. as real hang up it is lost any site at all of what his role is he is right now it's a no brainer of a decision because I question whether or not there is a brain inside that big rock up I had the scare at around up there. yeah you say this because you're just happy it's not Cedarburg where they school. what they took they took they took a dive at a game unbeaten team takes a dive take a loss because we don't want to get any more guys hurt. here is the other day I know almost everybody in Menomonee falls thinks this is stupid and I also know because it's Menomonee falls are people are terrified of speaking up against the stupidity that happens again and again and again in their community but nobody's going to get up there and demanded to do anything about it. I mean there was a time and I'd be at these times of go out and a lot of areas we're a good school principal are good school superintendent would have fired the coach that night there's a time that when it happened the you got no right to tell a player who is healthy and qualified to be in that extra curricula that he can't play because you've decided that you've got longer term reasons that are more important than that it would've been fired for it. plus the highs I head coach was winning has more clout that a prisoner this guy's losing if they were all informed that didn't play the start is that all of this they want a candidate after the game well because he's poor and always able to get away with doing something like this that even if well intended has the result I think a B. and I'm not see a play the kids who are injured banged up in white need to get dressed up talking about the kid who could play. what I've got now is that the wrong message the the all of the the out the impact here is something who knows maybe they would have pulled off the upset by the team five but well banged up but they break they can go back and say we were proud that even when banged up we went out to give all of our effort in a non conference game who's going to go on brag twenty five years later I you know we're all age and we thought it was a non conference game so we sat on the bench like a bunch of what season we allow the Senshi I JB squad to go out there and get slaughtered because our coach is a web. it's not even like positive like counsel if that wouldn't be the same thing because that would mean that you're giving up this is a team that. he's doing it because he has a longer term goal of winning something down the road and he decided he was going to take away a game from his players because it was at a conference game. I could like I said I can't even think of something like this in college sports I can think of where you after you've already clinched but this isn't that category and in terms of high school sports Gulf teams got the state tournament coming up we got a match before that let's have all the kids rested. let's just not player let's not try it let's play only four holes and then just potter something I can't even come up with the thing to related to wed as I say of coach class I mean let's decides he wants to respond to be on this I'd be happy to share his Weenie pathetic sit on the bench responses. I wanted to say that. what you're healthy enough now they could spread beyond the face is that what. why was it seems like an updated rather I'm a good listener overnight.

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