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I always wear a floral dress and black tights and either converse or boots in an army jacket. Yeah, yeah. I don't know what the temperatures like is a ghost. That might bring a jacket as you can always according to ghost hunters, you bring the temperature. You are the clear spot. Inspiring ring. Ghost hunters. My ears perked up because as my hometown, I was wow, what is it? You know? And then it was, I believe it might have been the only haunted mobile home. Really. Because there are a lot of haunted mobile homes, I'm sure. Right, right, right. I learn. You saw the represents. Could you just move it? Ten feet confused. The ghost. I have this joke about how my mom, she watches all of the TV but seems to hate all of the TV she, you know, she's the kind of person that's like I hate community and I'm like, have you watched it? She's like half the pilot, you know, sorry, this joke that if I were to like pitch shows around town with her pitch, like a ghost hunting show where it's just her walking through old houses going must be nice commenting on like window-dressing goes story. Yes, really quickly just to the mobile home again, just because it's such a funny idea to me. 'cause like the whole thing is like if you're on top of an Indian burial ground, but like you could just move. Out, and then you just move over a little or or who owned the trailer before that died and Ogden. It wouldn't get like an old time. He goes, you know. Yeah, just kind of a messy guy after the show after the fire. They just, you know, they fix it up. Destroy. Thanks, we my lab. It's the only remorseful ghost. That's just like, listen, I'm sorry. Listen, I I, you know you guys, it's cool if you don't mind me hanging out here, but I don't know what my ghost apparel would be. Probably something wait to at least read. Oh. Director in you. People see you go. That's an mex- level and secure. Disembodied best therapy session. That I'll be Becket play in the afterlife head that talks. Yeah, he just put them in a bowling bag and put them on. Over. So what about this episode, we guess, but what about this episode? Would you say really resonates with you the most that made you wanna talk about it today? Well, you know, it is. It is very insane how it came through all the stuff in this episode. But the other thing that's funny is when it came when you had this conservative talk show, crackpot kind of guy. He's just dismissed not realizing that that's the beginning of the end, really. You know, we're all just going. I do like the fact that Homer finds them entertaining, which yes is kind of sad. Yeah, that kinda reminds me of Ted Cruz did like this whole video of Simpson's impressions and then also claimed that the Simpsons family were Republicans and said, then league, Lisa margin and Maggie would be tried to insult Lisa and Maggie for being Democrats and try to praise Homer for being a Republican and it's like bull. Sure. But homers made fun of constantly. He the butt of the joke. Also, he's the least Sean. Shore man in America. It's not a good thing to say that Homer would vote for you like he's a good guy through and through, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he was like a Republican in some ways because yeah, what he's gonna he is. He's supposed to represent just, you know your normal American. That's who voted for Trump people that see guiding donuts, just like him and saying, oh yeah, that guys like me. You know, it is very scary. But I, I have a question for you guys because I was wondering about why is Costa grammar sometime sideshow Bob and sometimes he's not..

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