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But that's suppose a just automatically justified in be the two hundred million dollars i'll save your quarterback your timing is everything to give it back your money back learned and obligations not backing up receipt which he was he gave give back here at why he's already has fought the liars put themselves in a situation in a wanna know since you all i know is a better quarterback your most teams in the league all i know is this a low bard enjoyed way you can hey buck quite be mindful of this time of things bike sbp talks their step about people hate norio after on monday night double header of course spp looking sharp all right after the game again don't miss scott van pelt down every everything and matt stafford at halftime he'll have him art the tribe roland wonder 18 straight game last night as the dodgers the laws that it'll tip in a row and fifty out of 16 are so in cleveland streak starter all the sweeper dodges had a major league leading one differential aplus tweeting look like they weren't away with the world series i had him on a couple of best he never something like that but in the last three weeks peak this two indians have outscored opponents by eighty nine runs while the dodgers have been outscored by leave worth fifty runs a lower to try to take over to lease top spot let that sink enforcer i'm kind police on missing an which is worse the let that sink in me or the vases inside as an instrument eighteen a little about the see history eighteen.

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