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Of the rubber comes home with a little breaking ball that one dumped. In a shallow right field to second goes marquess hill moved to third and the Braves have to on with two, out really good at that by Camargo again trying, to deal with the knuckleball and got one and he was. Able to just blew out to right field. Didn't try to do too much with it just kinda way there was a high knuckleball just stayed. With it and punched at the. Other way the ball just floated the seems then even rotate one time it was a solid float thereby right and Camargo really doing, an impressive job from the right, side though almost getting down on his knees. The punch that ball on the. Right field so Kurt Suzuki to the plate he is one for two couple of guys. Who were born in a state of Hawaii Been. A while since Steven Reid has been on the mound go back to June twenty second In a start against Seattle knuckles one in for a strike to Suzuki. Gave up ten earned runs. In three and a third against. Samaritans lasted just fifty nine pitches it's hard to give up ten earned, runs on just fifty nine. Pitches Touch for ten hits in that one including three home runs That, offering MRs to Suzuki Mom ball one strike The month of may he pitched exclusively. Out of the bullpen, this one's pulled foul, and then in June had four. Starts for the size Suzukis singled his last time up.

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