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Boy a wet wet Monday what in, the? World hey good thing Rockies aren't playing tonight at Coors field right they will. Be back tomorrow night at. Coors field ready to rock and. Roll I everybody I've Cory Lopez so glad you're here and well we can talk a little football here all last week and we were talking baseball when, we were sitting on the network with our Rockies. All access special we sure enjoyed it and we'll do it again should the playoffs roll around for the Rockies and we're certainly gonna. Talk Rockies baseball coming up here top loss yesterday for, the rocks but when you run a disaster Anki and he goes eight innings. Keeps up, just a couple of hits and strikes out thirteen guys you, know, he is. Certainly on a roll and don't forget tomorrow night Houston Kennedy. Town the world champs looks like Tyler Anderson is going, to go and then John gray will. Go in the, second game and then another day off the Rockies now they're adding Some extra. Days this season and we've. Been talking about it here leading, up to it it to me though it seems strange coming out of the all-star break that you're you have two days off in the span of week, essentially the three games there is on a day. Opt two games with Houston a day off then you got Oakland and then you head to Saint Louis and you don't get another. Day off until August thirteenth but maybe that's the only, place they could squeeze it in now for the Rockies it works out potentially. That they, may be able to work chat bettas back into the mix, of, things having. These days off but you've got five guys ready to go. We'll see Antonio since the Tele is going to be, good to go not a great outing. For a sense But gaining the space napkin Zach rinky so you know compare that. Second, to be a very good adding most of the time when you run, into a buzzsaw, like Zach ranking but we also have some news on chat benefit will fill you in on coming up the bottom. Half the rehab starts on Saturday so we will we'll get into that for you as well but we don't have to talk just we don't have to talk just baseball cutting in and out my apologies we. Don't have to talk just baseball that's for. Sure we're going to talk a little football here and the big news. Coming out today about Shane Ray and I, chewed this over a little bit essentially I, I, choose, this. Over in my, brain and I thought to myself this is good. For Shane if indeed he can stay healthy but if scenery can't stay, healthy then it's going to be a bit of a problem and I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why it could end up, being a bit. Of a problem I'm already starting to think. That Shane Ray is one of those unlucky guys gets oft injured okay for like termite may made that one. Up but he gets injured and it's, not for lack. Of effort it's not for lack of training but when you have something go down particularly with your hands I'm going to give another example. Here think of somebody with a ankle issue maybe even better analogy well I'll. Stay with the ankle injury almost a knee injury ankle gets hurt knee starts to hurt you. Got. Problems all, of a sudden you go into, the scope then you've got another problem maybe the ankles you. Know you got some bone Spurs, in there I quit that to the, extremities that you have Maybe. He should have, gone under, the knife and believe me I'm not..

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