Seventy Percent, Forty Seven Billion Light Years, Forty Million Years discussed on The mindbodygreen Podcast


Um that's the hard problem of science rate no if you go to the internet to new dipoto toward the open questions and signs today you'll find their about 100 in 25 open questions which means we haven't figured out towards the answers are the number one open question in science today is what is the universe made off now that's a very interesting question because according to our current turns seventy percent of the universe is actually an entity that science because dark energy but when you go deeply into what is dark energy it's a mathematical construct that mathematicians and physicists use in the equations to explain the fact that the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light so the distance green galaxies history expanding right now faster than the speed of light so even though our science tells us that the universe came into existence forty million years ago this mysterious targe bang the cosmic horizon which means the farthest distance from where you are not sitting is forty seven billion light years away because this expansion in what's expanding is space the space between galaxies is being ripped apart faster than the speed of light is that of factor is that a meta medical explanation for actually making showed that the standard model of physics works that's my question but in any case seventy percent of the is this mysterious unknown thing that leaves thirty percent of the universe of which twenty six percent is invisible dark matter and the reason is called dark matter is it's not atomic yukon seed because doesn't reflect light absorb light emitted light so why call it matter well it explains most of the gravity in the galaxy so we're living in the milky way galaxy now according to current signs that a two trillion galaxies seven hundred sixty million stars.

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