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Background checks Monica Rix KFI news and we have just learned in the KFI news room that in fact the L. A. U. S. D. will shut down starting Monday because of coronavirus concerns let's see what's up with your job now in the ten we're looking at Pomona ten east bound before the fifty seven not a crash for Caltrans on scene they're filling potholes here it's definitely stopping things up right around the whole city of industry sixty west of those who thought a big rig crash blocked lanes don't know which one so you can call me if you know about your drive yes getting pretty cranky about know Gallas okay fine this guy's sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff bye what about Malibu canyon yeah this could make a little cranky let's not now Malibu canyon the only tunnel the one that's close Sir do the FCC H. I've been a lot of mud and dirt and small rocks coming down so it would just be careful again through a P. C. H. a little busy and very slick and kind of dangerous along with all the other dangers that come with driving PCH for the slowest part is south of the bank you can going down towards the signals seven ten line expanding your rig fairly to the stroller but after that pretty good drive all the way down to the ninety one injured in an accident as a super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock KFI in this guy Anaheim on the ninety one west read the fifty seven crash was several vehicles taking away the three left lanes that Dr jams up the self care find this guy helps get you there faster I'm robin banks this hour of the bill Handel show brought to you by norm Reeves Honda superstores norm Reeves Honda dot com for the first time ever March madness in the NC double a tournament are canceled due to corona virus the PGA announced they're canceling the remaining.

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