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Hi, Walter, Michael limited last week is that I went to a doctor a couple of days gone. I've known this doctor for a long time many years, he's treated my family's treated my relatives, and so forth, and well educated a good guy knows his business great with the diagnosis and so forth, and I get into the office. And I'm sitting there and my appointment was at three forty five. It's now four thirty. And I'm starting to get a little edge. Now, it's four forty five and I'm getting a little ANC. Now, it's after five o'clock, and I'm getting a little agency, and our and it only a radio guy. Walter would do this with no to the exact minute. How long talked to Dr to come in our in twenty two minutes and our in twenty two minutes. In the meantime, I go out to the office staff. They say Worcester an emergency today. Is there something going on? Nope. It's just been in normal day here. He's just running very behind. So he comes into see me, and he's taking my blood pressure. And I said to him, you know, doc, it's probably going to be a little high because of the time that I was in here waiting for you to come in. And he jams me a little bit. And then we just go on and we move on. Now, I'm thinking I have a follow up appointment. Here's a dilemma Walter got a follow up appointment later this week. Just nothing serious to go back in if he is running late again, I know so many of us have experienced this. If he's running forty five minutes, and our and our and and and in twenty two minutes late, again, what do I say to him because he's been so good to me. I love his diagnosis capabilities. How do I deal with that? How do we do with an hour and twenty two minutes of waiting for him to come in without? Ruining the relationship. That's what I need to know. Especially when I don't think that there was any good reason for it. And yeah, he spends time with me, but not an hour and twenty two minutes, and I was pretty rack by it. And so how do you deal with that? What a doctor just seems to for no other reason just come strolling in an hour and a half later. What do you do do you deal with the doctor who's an hour and a half late, and you still want to maintain a relationship with them? That's Gary our dilemma your number to help carries eight eight eight six eight eight wwl TV eight eight eight six eight eight nine two five eight eight eight eight six eight eight nine to five eight I have a doctor, you won't believe this Gary. I have a.

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