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And weather together on the aids now expanded traffic coverage. We are were mostly going to expand in Tarrant county so much going on on the west side of town. It is five eighteen let's get an update on this overturned with Gilly eastbound twenty at New York avenue in Arlington. You've got the the two left lanes are getting through. But the the two right are still blocked up while they get this cleared up backup reaches all the way to Kelly Elliott, Abbott. There's more westbound onlookers have created a massive backup from the scene almost well back to mountain creek Parkway now westbound six thirty five if you're getting ready to head for one Twenty-one and Capella just want to remind you that only the two right lanes are getting through between Royal and one Twenty-one they've got the other two the two left lanes walled off for construction. So it's gonna take a little longer to get through there. Dan for you folks who are on three sixty right now. And starting to think about how you're going to handle I twenty getting involved in this mess here. You may have a problem before you get to I twenty. Let's go to Randy fuller. I think you're right northbound three sixty twenty. The wreck records in the left lane backup runs to kings would and southbound three sixty at twenty same area. The accident is in the right lane. It's backed up beyond thirty in grand prairie. Thanks to Ron for the update on that information and white settlement west Lupe twenty northbound at Las Vegas trail. There's a wreck in the left lane with a backup from thirty and Halton city northbound one Twenty-one at menace. There's a wreck in the left lane. Traffic is slow back to halt road and plano. So we had a much earlier problem towards the Bush turnpike that seemed to make everything just wars coming from downtown Dallas. And it just hasn't recovered so offer most of rush hour we have seen about a forty minute drive from Woodall Rodgers to about fifteen th street, and it's still pretty stuck. If you're coming up from between, arapahoe and plano Parkway. However, if you do see anything that's keeping things slow you feel free to give us a call two one four two one nine hundred eighty free. Call one ninety eastbound the Bush turnpike on the seventy five. Ramp. We did get a shout on the traffic tip line about a problem there. That's an accident. And there is a big backup there. Going east from around Coit, Julian Rogers, next report at five twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. It's going to be fair and cool low of around fifty and then.

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