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I'm not really sure why teams aren't going after dez bryant at least teams who need receivers i don't think he's a locker room problem and i do think that he still has a lot left in his career to be great okay but it's just more so with the cowboys even the change their offense in order to favour zeke you elliott and that prescott that hurt desert and and his production i think that's maybe why people are staying away visit production but i think brian would be a solid fit on a team like forty niners okay but on the less dante pettis might be that number one receiver third around they take fred warner linebacker at byu second pick of the third round they take various more so safety out of southern miss fourth round they take contagious street defensive end of nc state v roundly take dj read cornerback out of kansas state six round they take marcel harris safety out of florida seventhround the take julian taylor defensive tackle on a temple and then seventh round second pick of the seventh round they take ritchie james why receive radha middletown see all right mcglinchey is going to be a starter and i think dante pettis let's see they got goodwin garson i think dante pettis will be a starter there all right so we'll see what the end up going going with jimmy garoppolo last season seem like a guy who could make the guys around better so i think that might be a plus there as far as bringing into guy pettus you're gonna see maybe his play elevated been more just given the kind of quarterback jimmy garoppolo could beat.

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